Tips To Achieve the Ultimate Summer Makeup Look

Summer is full of fantastic things, like sun and fun, but melting makeup isn’t on the list. You’d probably agree that the perfect summer makeup look is a “no makeup” style, but the issue with this elusive look is that it takes a lot of work to appear effortlessly glowing. With that in mind, following these tips to achieve the ultimate summer makeup look can help you keep your warm-weather beauty routine simple and sweet.

Begin With the Right Moisturizer

The right moisturizer can make a huge difference, especially in the summer heat. Oil-free formulas are less likely to leave you looking sweaty and greasy when you start to sweat. In addition, many lightweight moisturizers contain SPF to protect your face from harmful UV rays. Although you may have to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, a good-quality moisturizer with UV protection is one step to keep your skin glowing in the heat.

Less Is More

It’s no secret that makeup is more likely to crease and move when it’s hot, and wearing less can help prevent unwanted mishaps. Heavy foundations are more likely to melt and make you look greasy, so a lighter look works wonders in the summer months. Consider limiting your base layer to concealer and tinted moisturizer if you’re able.

Get Glowing With Some Bronzer

Believe it or not, a shimmery bronzer is the key to achieving a natural-looking glow. Rather than contouring every inch of your face, you can add warmth to your skin tone with a bit of bronzer. Powder bronzers are the easiest to apply, and they’re more likely to stay in place throughout the day.


Apply bronzer only to the high points of your face (forehead, cheekbones, nose) to avoid the fake, baked appearance.

Opt for Sheer Shades

Although you might want to use bold-colored eyeshadows and lipsticks, sheer or nude colors hold up better in the heat and lighten up your look. Opt for nude, matte eyeshadows and lip stains rather than lipsticks. However, you can apply a small amount of shimmery eyeshadow and lip gloss to add a bit of extra flair.

You don’t have to let the hot, humid weather stop you from looking fabulous, but you might have to tweak your routine for the best results. With these tips to achieve the ultimate summer makeup look, you’ll look glowing rather than sweaty and messy this season.

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