The eyebrows are a significant feature of the face. Beautiful and well-groomed brows can make your face pop. Think about how unfinished your face would seem without properly shaped eyebrows. Worst case scenario: you will have badly drawn or unattractive eyebrows.

Thus, Investing in quality eyebrow products not only ensures a polished look but also contributes to the overall health of your brows. Well-maintained eyebrows not only frame the face but can also boost your confidence, making them a crucial aspect of any beauty regimen. So, it is important to look for reputable brands that prioritise gentle yet effective ingredients. For instance, many high-end brands, such as Luxe Cosmetics US, have gained acclaim for their brow care products, offering nourishing serums and conditioners designed to promote brow growth and bushiness. So, by adding high-quality products to the brow care routine, you can enhance the health and appearance of your brows.

From delicate arches to powerful angles, all eyebrow shapes are appropriate. Tweezers, trimmers, shapers, pencils, highlighters, and gels can all add to the brow look when correctly used. Browns & Co brow experts recommend brow threading with organic thread to remove hair from the follicle.

Finding the form and style that fits your tone and face shape is key to great brows. Here’s how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape and style for you.

What Is Eyebrow Mapping?

To achieve symmetry, “brow mapping” is used to measure the space between your eyebrows and eyes to discover your face’s proportions.

Having naturally attractive brows all the time is a goal for many people. Browns & Co creates natural-looking brows using brow, eyelash, skin, and semi-permanent treatments. So, although the process is standard, the output is unique for each individual. Ultimately, it comes down to the form of your eyes and face. It helps prevent problems like making the brow too thin or forcing the arch in too much, explain the brow and beauty experts.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Eyebrow Threading and Shaping

No matter what your natural eyebrow form is, you can learn to perfect it. What you use to fill in or shape your eyebrows is a matter of taste and the overall effect you want to create. We have some recommendations in the next section for achieving diverse styles.

  1. Right Equipment and a Source of Natural Lighting

Professional or at home, every ideal eyebrow shape starts with the right tools. A brow pencil, angled stainless steel tweezers, spoolie brush, and a pair of sharp brow scissors are needed.

To fill in your brows without the assistance of a brush, use a clear brow gel. Wet cotton rounds or soft paper towels can be used to freeze them for cold compresses.

  1. Find Your Ideal Eyebrow Shape
  • In contrast, a round face looks best with an angular eyebrow form. Taller arches with solid definition and sloping corners seem bonier.
  • Naturally, robust facial features can be played down by using eyebrows to soften the appearance of a square face. Thicker eyebrows should be avoided in favor of a more rounded form with a lower arch. Talk to your beautician about the particular kind of eyebrow threading you need for this look.
  • Heart-shaped faces have softer, more feminine features. Therefore, it makes sense to position this towards the brow. Small, softly arched eyebrows complement a heart-shaped face.
  • Eyebrows that are flat and straight will accentuate the longer face. If your face is lengthy, you might benefit from having thicker eyebrows. If you decide to grow out your eyebrows, avoid making the arch too steep, or your eyes will seem hollow.
  • If you have an oval face, your eyebrows may not require any work.
  1. Try Not to Pluck Your Brows Too Much

The most amazing brows you have ever had may result from doing nothing to them. While tweezers are great for the occasional stray hair, they aren’t the finest tool for shaping your brows.

If you must tweeze, do it at a distance from the eyebrow. If you don’t want to shape your brows too much, simply pluck the stray hairs above or below the natural arch. Or visit the nearby women’s salon to have a professional touch.

  1. Invest in Top-Notch Brow Products

There are many brow products out there, so you must choose wisely. 

First Step: Determine Your Eyebrow Objectives. 

Is it your intention to give depth and texture when there is a lack of it? Gather an angled brush and brow powder.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows To Suit Your Face
(Image source: Pexels).

To what extent are you attempting to comb and shape your brow gently? Apply a clear, non-sticky brow gel using a brush. There is no wrong in trying out different combinations of goods to discover the one that works best for you.

Make sure you wash your face before you do anything to your eyebrows. Cleansing eliminates makeup and skincare product residue that hinders tweezing.

Look into eyelash extension and eyebrow threading with the best brow products. Many ladies use lashes extensions to make their eyes more prominent. The service is available at any local women’s salon.

  1. Think About Threading Your Eyebrows

Threading is the most pleasing way to refine and highlight your brow’s unique contour. Threading is far more accurate than waxing, which is best for larger expanses of skin.

Threading carefully pulls short or fine hairs from the follicle using a twisted thread. However, if you want a more permanent solution, you can always google for ‘eyebrow microblading near me’ to save you time.

However, threading is effective because it removes hair from the root and the surface. Threading requires skill and competence, so don’t try it on yourself. Find a professional eyebrow threading salon near you.

  1. Use a Stencil to Give Your Brows Some Shape

An eyebrow stencil is a template that you glue or keep on your brows to avoid “coloring” beyond the lines with powders, pencils, or gels. They can be found in various sizes and are fun to try out different brow styles (straight, curved, thick, thin, etc).

  1. Use a Flicking Motion to Put On Your Eyebrow Makeup

Don’t go in too strong to fill in your brows. For natural-looking strokes, apply little flicks in the direction your hair grows. The method will work if you like to use a simple pencil or a powder and an angled brush.

Many women out there want to save time by wanting a permanent solution. For example, women in Dubai prefer permanent eyeliners instead of using products daily. For those who find permanent solutions more convenient, consider eyebrow microblading as the procedure has good reviews.

  1. Don’t Let That Brow Line Get Out of Control

Overextended brows might make you seem sadder than you are. Keep the natural angle of your eyebrows, which draws attention upwards and outwards.

Put a brow pencil on the diagonal at your nose and line it with your eye’s outer corner to calculate the tail’s length. Your eyebrows should end at the brow bone to seem natural.

  1. Instead of Using Highlighter Under Your Brows, Use Concealer

Using a highlighter to outline your brows might make your arches seem unnaturally bright. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone if you want to bring out the definition in your brows without seeming overdone.

  1. Start Applying Makeup at the Arch of Your Eyebrow

Work from the arch of your brow towards your nose’s bridge to highlight it. Using less product at the brow’s beginning can give you a more natural look. Then, apply the same substance to the very end of your brow to avoid an unnatural appearance.

  1. Blend Your Brow Shades

If you choose the incorrect shade to fill in your brows, you will have an over-precise appearance. Finding it challenging to decide on a color? Try filling in your brows with two different shades. If you are a redhead, use a taupe and auburn pencil to create a natural brow gradient.

  1. Keeping Your Eyebrows in Tip-Top Shape
  • Tweeze one hair at a time to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation, allowing for greater control over the final shape.
  • Use a moisturizer or Vaseline to soften the skin before tweezing if you experience discomfort while removing hairs.
  • Regular cutting with eyebrow scissors and brushing with a reusable mascara wand cleans eyebrows. Avoid spots by just cutting the longest hairs.
  • Thin eyebrows can be strengthened using growth gels.


Finding the right shape for your face and coordinating your brows so they seem the same may seem difficult when shaping your eyebrows. Semi-permanent makeup is a reliable way to maintain flawless eyebrows. The professionals can help you create long-lasting eyebrow and eyeliner effects.

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