You Have To See These Incredibly Realistic Tattooed Eyebrows
You Have To See These Incredibly Realistic Tattooed Eyebrows. (Photo Credit: Instagram via @beautysecretsbyriona)

These tattooed eyebrows are so realistic looking, that you’ll swear you’re being trolled.

Yesterday Reddit user snowbum1231 posted several photos of her recently tattooed eyebrows, and when I saw the photos, I audibly gasped. Everything I ever thought to be true about tattooed eyebrows was wrong, guys. I mean, these look incredible–and so, so realistic.

Check out snowbum1231′s eyebrows before the procedure:

original eyebrows and in between phase

Here’s what they looked like shortly after the tattooing (remember, they’re still in the early stages of healing):

eyebrows right after tattooing process

And the finished results:

original eyebrows and in between phase
You Have To See These Incredibly Realistic Tattooed Eyebrows.
eyebrows when finished healing (2)

According to snowbum1231, what makes her eyebrows look so realistic is the scarification process involved in the tattooing:

“It’s not a regular tattoo with a tattoo gun. It’s like scarification–they use a mini scalpel to cut the hair stroke and then rub ink into the cuts.”

She went to the CC Permanent Makeup Clinic in Los Angeles to have the procedure done, and the whole thing cost $300. One touch-up session is included in the price.

Unsurprisingly, snowbum1231 is thrilled with her new eyebrows:

“I’m so happy. I have eyebrows when I wake up or get out of the shower. I don’t need to put makeup on my brows for 20 minutes a day. It takes me less than 5 minutes to get the look I want. I will be getting them touched up again, going even more bold with color and shape. I highly recommend the hair stroke tattoo to anyone who has sparse brows.”

These photos have definitely struck a chord with me, as I have a pretty extensive history of eyebrow loss. To make a long story short, I woke up one morning in October 2007 to find that my entire left eyebrow had fallen out. Having confirmed with my roommate that no, she did not sneak into my room and shave it off while I was sleeping, I paid a tearful visit to the doctor and was eventually diagnosed with alopecia areata. After nine months of incredibly painful steroid injections to the eyebrow area, most of the hair grew back. I was super lucky that the injections worked–many people with alopecia experience far more dramatic hair loss, and most treatment attempts are unsuccessful.

Knowing that it’s possible to get such realistic results from eyebrow tattooing gives me peace of mind, for sure. Kudos to the artist at CC Permanent Makeup for their fine work–those eyebrows are some of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen.

(Photo: snowbum1231/reddit)

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