Review: Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints

It all started after Tarte sent a shit ton of beauty bloggers to Turks and Caicos Islands to have a blast and see all the products from their new Spring collection. I got one glance at the Tarte Lippie Paints, and after having a small panic attack, I started to countdown the days until they’d be available.

If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, I have a sick obsession with liquid lipsticks. The fact that you can live your life like you normally would and not have to worry about your lipstick ending up all over your face truly is a food lover’s dream come true. Also, since matte lipsticks stepped on the scene, I truly can’t picture myself wearing a lip color that isn’t matte.

For weeks, I followed all the beauty bloggers that received the lip paints and constantly refreshed their pages hoping they’d post swatches. Once I saw the swatches, I was in love.

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Finally, I got my hands on the Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints. I opened the box to some of the most beautiful product packaging out there—tons of bright colors and gold shimmer all over the place—and I was in heaven.

Immediately, I ripped them out of their packaging and began swatching. I truly can’t get over how pigmented these lip colors are. The color you see on the packaging and in the tube is the exact shade that you’re going to get on your lips.

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints

Another thing I truly love about these is the color selection itself. There are great nudes, tons of beautiful bright shades, and even some vampy, dark shades—something for everyone. One swipe and the full coverage formula transform your lips into the main attraction of your makeup look.

Now, when I first saw these online, I assumed that they’d be just like any other liquid lipstick since I’m used to those from Anastasia and Kat Von D. 

I pictured the formula as being more watery and drying but what I found after testing these liquid lipsticks was quite contrary. They’re, without a doubt, the creamiest liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried. With many of the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, they’re either super pigmented and drying/uncomfortable or a dull color but very easy to wear. This formula truly gives you the best of both worlds.

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But, with that being said, they’re not going to have the long-lasting power as more dry, thin formulas will. Because of the seriously intense pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks, the color will definitely stain (trust me on this one, guys), so you’ll have some color on your lips all day, but if you want to keep that true pigmentation, the bottom line is that you’re going to have to reapply these during the day.

Also, because of the amazingly creamy consistency, this formula may lead to bleeding outside the lips. I tried this with and without a translucent lip liner just to see if it would truly make a difference, and the answer is yes, it absolutely does. It’s something I’d definitely recommend including in your regiment when the Tarte Lip Paints will be on your lips.

Overall, I really do love these liquid lipsticks. They’re not exactly what I expected them to be in terms of consistency, but the fact that they’re easily the most beautifully pigmented liquid lipsticks around definitely makes up for it. You’ll definitely find yourself reaching for these shades no matter where you’re heading out to.

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