Stylish Eyebrow Shapes for Women

Ladies! Eyebrow shapes affect your look, and if you are not careful about the shapes to choose, you might end up opting for something that doesn’t match your face shape.

Fortunately, there are some eyebrow shapes that look nice no matter your facial shape. Which ones do you know? You ought to master these looks because, with them, you’ll never go wrong. Here are some that you should be at your fingertips:

1. High Arches

A high arch is an eyebrow shape that works well regardless of your facial shape. You, however, have to be a little bit careful to make sure that the arch is nicely done right above the brow bone. If you do so, you’ll create a perfect look that will make you feel confident and look beautiful. It is popular and, in fact, some celebrities like Baker’s Client Lea Michele are known to regularly throw in this style.

2. Rounded Brow Shape

If you want a flattering option that won’t change your look too much, then a rounded brow shape will work for you whether your facial shape is round, square, oval, or any other shape. It, however, works best if your face has some sharp features. You can give it a try one of these days, and you’ll see how it turns out to be.

3. S-Shaped Eyebrow Shape

An S-shaped brow is always fabulous and never discriminates on the basis of facial shape. Provided you know how to carefully draw it without exaggerating, you’ll definitely improve your look with it and feel confident knowing that your makeup, eyebrow shape, and facial shape aren’t colliding.

4. Short and Thick Style

The thick brow style works well for ladies who do not have long eyebrows and would like to have a youthful look. You must have seen how it looks to have a short and thin brow. It doesn’t look good and, in most cases, gives an impression of old age which no one wants to create in the first place. Therefore, if your eyebrow is short, then you are a good candidate to throw in a short and thick style.

5. The Straight Style

Never attempt to arch your eyebrow if it cannot do so naturally. A straight eyebrow will look amazing for you, and that’s your style. Provided you keep it brushed and polished, the straight style will never disappoint you, no matter your facial shape.

No matter what your face shape is, a great tip to getting the best looks is to always start off with a clean face. Wash your face daily, and remember to use a moisturizing lotion with SPF during the day. You can try using a PM nightly moisturizer as well. You can find a great moisturizer under $10 that will help keep your skin from becoming irritated. Avoid doing your eyebrows if your skin is dry and dull. The best time to do your eyebrows is after a shower while your pores are opened.

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