Signs That You Are Definitely Addicted to Mascara
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If mascara is your favorite beauty product and you ALWAYS wear it, you will definitely be able to relate to these signs.

If you were stranded on a deserted island Survivor-style and you could only take one beauty product, it would definitely be mascara. You know you should say something practical like sunscreen or a face mist, but you cannot do without mascara. You apply mascara every single day without fail. It doesn’t matter if you are sick in bed and feel like death warmed up, you are going to put on mascara, and it will probably make you feel a bit better.

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These are other things you will be able to relate to if you are a mascara lover:

1. You have been known to tear apart your room looking for your mascara.

Of course, you own more than one mascara, but if you cannot find the one you want to use, you are going to inspect every square inch of your room before you find it. As soon as you look at your makeup bag and don’t see the tube there, a siren is going off in your head.

2. You know the precise number of strokes it takes to get long, full lashes with your current mascara.

Who hasn’t counted the number of strokes it takes to get long, full lashes? How else can you compare mascaras? You also know how many seconds it takes you to apply mascara to each eye (36 seconds per coat, 108 seconds per eye in total) and the exact angle you need your brush to be at to get the tiny hairs on the inner corners of your eyes.

3. You can apply mascara perfectly to your top and bottom lashes without a mirror.

You like to consider your ability to apply mascara like a six sense. It is almost like you become one with the mascara wand, so you do not even need to see what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing eyeshadow; you can still do a flawless job.

4. You know enough about mascara brushes to fill a book.

You could have a lengthy discussion with anyone about comb brushes and spherical brushes or the differences between plastic ones and bristles. There are clear differences between brushes and the resulting look. The brush designs are not just for show.

5. You can absolutely justify paying $30 for one tube of mascara.

You wear mascara every single day, so when you work out the cost per use for one tube of mascara, it is probably 0.008 of a cent. You also understand that not all mascara formulas are created equal. Some people may not understand why you would need a scented mascara or one with a gorgeous package, but you do.

6. You find it difficult to throw out an old tube of mascara, even if there are three new ones in your makeup bag.

You know that you got great use out of that mascara, but it still pains you to throw it away. It was such a good formula, and you could still scrape off some product on the inside of the tube. The only thing that makes you put it in the bin is the fear of getting an eye infection and not being able to wear mascara.

7. You can wax poetic about mascara cocktailing.

One mascara is great, but when you combine a couple of different ones, it takes things to a whole new level. You compare mascara cocktailing to painting. All works look better when there are layers involved, and it is no different with your eye makeup.

8. You have a reoccurring nightmare that you will leave the house with mascara on only one eye.

You make sure not to get distracted by anything when you are applying your mascara. It doesn’t matter if your phone is ringing or if your straightener is beeping. Your other fear is leaving the house with only your mascara primer on, which is why you always triple-check your eyes before you head out.

9. Opening up a new mascara for the first time is as good as opening up presents at Christmas.

A feeling of euphoria comes over you when you twist the cap of a mascara. You can’t wait to smell that new mascara smell, and your eyelashes are practically crying out or the product.

10. When you wear false lashes, you can’t help but feeling like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.

You would never, ever think of getting rid of mascara and just using false lashes. However, sometimes you like to play around with false lashes. When you put on falsies, you always feel like you are cheating for some reason and that you should only be using mascara.

11. You totally get the point of mascaras for your bottom lashes.

People who say that mascaras that are specifically meant for your bottom lashes are unnecessary and stupid obviously don’t know what a difference that little brush makes. If they opened up their mind and tried it, they would see how bottom lash mascaras make life so much easier. They aren’t just a marketing gimmick.

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