Signs That You Are Definitely Addicted to Lipstick
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It is safe to say that a lot of the world has a makeup obsession. We count down the days until makeup collaborations are finally released, and we cover our arms with swatches in the search for the perfect shade. You may love all beauty products, but lipstick has a special spot in your heart. If you could only have one beauty product, lipstick would be it, hands down. You feel naked when you’re not wearing it and collect it the way some people collect antiques.

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Here are 12 signs that you are addicted to lipstick:

1. You always have a lipstick within your arm’s reach.

You make sure that you always have a lipstick close at hand. You normally have one in your pocket, one in your desk drawer, and sometimes you even have one in your bra. Then, of course, there is the stash in your purse.

2. You had at least eight different lipsticks in your bag the last time you cleaned it out.

Whenever you wear a new lip color, you pop it in your bag, and you usually forget to take it out. You only realize how many you have been carrying around when you finally go through your purse and discover that you have as many in there as a drugstore.

3. You genuinely do not know what your natural lip color looks like.

You know your natural lip color is sort of pinkish, but that’s about it. That is what you went off of when you bought your nude lipstick, and you picked a flattering one. You could identify your favorite red lipstick from a group of 100 different shades, but you can’t do the same for your natural lip color.

4. You have applied your lipstick so often that you can do it perfectly with your eyes closed.

You do not need a compact mirror or a shiny surface to apply your lipstick. You could apply your lipstick flawlessly if you were on a roller coaster. However, you would never actually do that. You would be too worried that you would drop the lippy.

5. When you find out they are discontinuing one of your favorite lipstick shades, you are distraught.

It pains you when any lipstick shade you like gets discontinued. Don’t they know that people become very attached to specific shades and the reformulations are never quite the same as the originals? Just thinking about it raises your blood pressure.

6. You can identify what shades random people are wearing on their lips.

When you are at a party, you can’t help but do a quick glance around the room at everyone’s lip colors. Normally you can recognize about 70% of them. If there is one that you can’t name, then you immediately have to go over to the person to find out what it is.

7. You shed a few tears when you saw the Christian Louboutin lipstick.

When you saw the Christian Louboutin lipstick, you audibly sighed. That packaging. That color. That price. You have never wanted a lipstick so bad than you did at that moment, and you were prepared to eat nothing but plain toast so you could get it.

8. Even when you remove your makeup, your lips seem to have a permanent lipstick stain.

You apply countless layers of lipstick during the day, and even the best makeup remover can’t get the residue off completely. It suits you fine because even when you aren’t wearing any other makeup, your lips still have a nice bit of color.

9. Your heart actually hurts when you ruin the bullet of a lipstick.

You love looking at a shiny new lipstick bullet with that precise point and try to keep them looking their best for as long as you can. That is why nothing upsets you more than when you don’t twist the lipstick bullet down all the way, and the cap squishes the end. Such waste. Such mess.

10. Sometimes, you buy lipsticks that aren’t your colors just because you want to have them in your collection.

If you have three-quarters of the lipsticks in the line, it only makes sense to get the rest so you can say you have a complete set. They may not be the most flattering colors on their own, but you could probably make them work with an ombre lip or by layering them with other colors.

11. You are constantly finding lipsticks in the most random spots in your place.

You like to always have lipsticks close by and tend to leave them around in case you don’t have one in your pocket. You’ve found lipsticks in the bread drawer, in flower arrangements, and in your empty coffee mugs. There was even one occasion when you found a lippy in the shower.

12. You cannot even guess how many lipsticks you actually own.

You know that you have an extensive lipstick collection, and that is all that matters. You sometimes think you should count them but never get around to doing it. Besides, the numbers would be changing constantly. It is very difficult for you to leave a drugstore without purchasing a new lipstick.

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