How Do You Feel About Applying Makeup In Public?
How Do You Feel About Applying Makeup In Public? (Photo: Mika Makeup Artist/Instagram).

Do you ever apply your makeup in public, or do you think some things are better done behind closed doors?

For the past eight years of my life, I have relied primarily on public transit to take me from point A to point B. As a result, I have seen some shit. I have seen some dark, dark shit. I have seen my fellow passengers clipping their toenails. I have seen them urinating.

And you know what else I have seen? I have seen people apply full faces of makeup while riding the subway. Like, Kardashian-level glam sessions have taken place right in front of me (and hundreds of other Torontonians) during the morning commute. Now, don’t get me wrong: I am not trying to equate pissing in public with contouring in public. Intentionally urinating on the subway is disgusting, unhygienic, and illegal, and applying makeup is none of those things. And yet I still can’t help but feel a little weirded out when I see someone casually blending her foundation and applying false eyelashes while seated across from me on the train.

As far as I’m concerned, applying makeup is a private ritual. It’s not that I think there’s anything shameful about enjoying makeup or going out with a bare face because obviously, that’s ridiculous. I just think most grooming practices should be done behind closed doors. (This rule does not apply to YouTube beauty gurus, all of whom I hope will never stop uploading their tutorials to the Internet for all of the world to see and copy.) I don’t do my makeup in public for the same reasons that I don’t floss my teeth or pop my pimples in front of other people. It’s just not a good look, you know? It’s not presentable. And besides, I do my best work when I’m in front of my bathroom mirror and not bumping elbows with total strangers.

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I’d like to note that I recognize the enormous difference between touching up your lipstick on the bus and doing a full-on glam session in public. If you happen to catch a glimpse of your reflection and notice that something looks a little whack, by all means, do what you have to do to fix it. There’s no shame in that game. But I think anything beyond a quick touch-up is best done in the privacy of your own home (or bathroom stall).

But that’s just my opinion, of course, and now that I’ve shared it, I’m interested in hearing yours. What do you think about applying makeup in public? Let me know in the comments section below.

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