Are Professional Makeup Brushes Worth It?
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If you’re going to splurge on something, it should be makeup brushes. Here’s why.

Over the years, I’ve heard plenty of makeup artists extol the virtues of professional brushes. And while I have heeded their advice, for the most part, spending a wee bit extra on my main brushes (one foundation, one blush, one eyeshadow), I’ve never really gotten serious about pro-grade makeup brushes.

Until now.

rae morris brush set

If I had one wish in the world right now…okay, it would be Jake Gyllenhaal in my bed. But if I had two wishes, the next one would be that I could push these brushes through your computer screen so you could pet them and experience their mind-boggling softness. Ever since I got this five-piece set of Rae Morris brushes, my whole face contouring system has been taken to the next level.

rae morris kabuki brush

After using these bad boys for a few weeks now, I will never go back. It really is true that you can do so much more with amazing brushes and terrible makeup than you can with amazing makeup and terrible brushes. Seriously, I’ve tried.

Cheap brushes are just not the same feeling as the lush kabukis I’ve now become accustomed to. My bronzer goes on weirdly patchy, and when layering on the highlighter, bronzer, medium-tone shimmer, etc., it does almost nothing by way of blending. Check out the side-by-side; it’s no contest:

I’ve barely used “random drugstore brush” at all, and it’s already fraying. Professional makeup brushes are designed to last for years, so you spend the money on them once, and then you are set for probably 10-15 years (as long as you take care of them). Not to mention that pro-grade brushes are oh-so-much better for sensitive skin.

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My favorite thing about the Rae Morris set in particular? They are magnetic. This means they stand up on a metal plate, making it almost impossible for you to be gross and just toss them all over your sink (not that I would know from personal experience….) We could also talk about the fact that these are made with goat and blue squirrel hair and are completely animal-cruelty-free and PETA-approved—this is guilt-free luxury people.

I know the sets are pricey, but if you’re going to treat yourself in the makeup department, invest in brushes, not a $50 lipstick, you’re going to hate the color of in a year. If you’re just going to splurge on one, I would personally go for the Ultimate Cheekbone, which has the power to carve a cheekbone out of your face by black magic. Check it:

Rae Morris Ultimate Cheekbone

And just because I believe so strongly in the power of professional brushes, I got you a little discount incentive! Use promo code “GLOSSWITHRAE” for 10% off Rae Morris brushes through December 31. Family, if you’re reading this, would definitely NOT mind expanding my collection with the Eye Brush Set…

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