Nyx Debuts New Unibrow Trend Just In Time For Spring
Nyx Debuts New Unibrow Trend Just In Time For Spring.

Nyx Cosmetics debuts the newest eyebrow trend for spring: The Unibrow.

One of the biggest beauty trends for spring this year is a strong eyebrow game. First, it was Rihanna with her ultra-thick eyebrows on the promo art for her new single, then Cara Delevingne managed to make her eyebrows even thicker than usual at the Chanel fashion show. And let’s not forget Jared Leto’s recent eyebrow-less debut! Well, NYX Cosmetics has officially taken it one step further with their new product: NYX Unibrow.

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It’s all the joy of never having to wax your eyebrows without ever having to actually give up on waxing them! The product works just like any other brow gel or mousse, except it’s only intended for use between your actual brows. There are three shades to choose from, and you can change the thickness of your unibrow depending on your mood! Seriously, this is a revolutionary beauty product. Don’t believe me? Check out their ad:

I mean, this is pretty much my dream beauty trend, y’all. (And it actually looks cute even if it’s an April Fool’s Day joke.) All I do when I wake up in the morning is stare deep into my mirror and will my eyebrows to conjoin into one luscious, face-framing line, and NYX has finally answered my prayers. All this time, I’ve just been using watercolor paints on my face every morning, but I always end up looking like this:

Never again! Thanks to NYX, I’ll be channeling my inner Frida Kahlo like a badass:

God bless the unibrow. God bless America. Happy April 1st, everyone! (Okay, but really, wouldn’t it be awesome to actually channel Frida Kahlo every day? Anyone else?)

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