Are nude eyebrows a passing fad or here to stay? More importantly, how do you feel about them?

Everybody knows that it takes a few months (or even years) for the things we see in high fashion magazines to trickle down to the mainstream, so it kind of makes sense that we Normals are latching on to the idea of thick, full brows at the exact same time as runway models are starting to ditch theirs entirely. If you flip through this month’s Vogue, you’ll notice that nude, scarce, and bleached eyebrows are everywhere. If you follow some of the more daring celebrities on Instagram, you’ll see them hopping on the bandwagon, too. At first, I wrote nude brows off as a passing fad. Now I’m starting to consider that they might be a real thing. So here’s the question: How do we feel about them?

Do nude brows make you instantly look like an alien? Are they just a fun, harmless way to play around with your face? Do they work on some people and not on others? I just have so many questions, you guys, and I can’t really land on any answers.

When I first saw Kendall Jenner walking for Marc Jacobs without a brow hair in sight (pictured above, of course), my initial reaction was that she looked like a department store mannequin. When she reprised her role as The Browless Beauty in Teen Vogue, though, it became apparent that it wasn’t a fluke. When Miley Cyrus tried it out on Instagram, I thought she was, you, know, just bein’ Miley… until the absence of her brows was highlighted on her sexy W Magazine cover. Similarly, Katy Perry posted an Instagram pic with her brows bleached off, and I assumed she was just going for the shock value… until her new music video showcased her browless face.

So we have proof that celebrities are trying it out, and we have proof that the fashion industry is taking this trend seriously. Cool. The only important question, however, still remains. How do you feel about them? Are you already over it? Is it the kind of trend that doesn’t disgust you but you know you’ll never try in real life? Are you reading this post on your phone as you wait in line at CVS to buy cream bleach?

Throw us a comment, and maybe we can solve this riddle together.

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