A model is seen backstage ahead of the Missoni show
A model is seen backstage ahead of the Missoni show during the Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter in Milan, Italy.

The fashion week beauty trends may be predominantly about the eyes, but makeup artists haven’t completely forgotten about our obsession with eyebrows. Surprisingly, the newest look doesn’t have anything to do with Cara Delevingne. The Missoni show at Milan Fashion Week featured models with rounder brows that ELLE UK are describing as “crescent moon-shaped brows.”

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The new brow shape was created by makeup artist Lucia Pieroni for MAC. There is no plucking or waxing involved with this look. A brow pencil that was slightly darker than models’ natural brows was used to draw an arc from the natural inner bottom corner of the eyebrow to slightly passed the outer corner. It’s similar to the Morticia Addams makeup look that we previously saw at the Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week.

From farther away, it looks like you have a nice, long, bold set of eyebrows, but if someone were to look at you close up, they would probably wonder why you drew a pencil eyebrow in the middle of your natural one. The look isn’t as easy to pull off as bottom-lashes-only-mascara or even water droplet lashes. The smoother crescent moon-shape brow could work if you shaped your actual brows using wax and tweezers into a thicker crescent shape, but the pencil brows are probably best left on the runway. Mind you, Instagram seems to still be obsessed with #browsonfleek, so perhaps these brows could be the best look to try in your next set of selfies?

(Photos: Fulvio De Filippi/Getty Images)

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