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It’s happening. It’s happening now. More and more European men are starting to groom and shape their eyebrows in ways that have traditionally been associated with women, and it’s only a matter of time before the trend hits the US. The days of overgrown, rectangular brows are drawing to a close, and the golden age of high arches is about to begin. So here’s our question: How do you feel about it?

In the same way that I can’t decide if nude brows on women are badass or creepy, I’m on the fence about shapely brows on men. My brain is all a jumble with thoughts, and I can’t really figure out what my definitive opinion is. Here’s where I am right now:

  • I’m glad that women aren’t the only ones being held to beauty standards anymore! I’d love for men to get a taste of what it’s like to spend an hour in front of a mirror every morning before work!
  • But I’m kind of attracted to the just-rolled-out-of-the-cave look on men. Ultra-groomed male models can be gorgeous, of course, but so can the scruffy, unshowered Matthew McConaughey types.
  • It’s cool that gender roles are blurring to the point where men feel safe to express themselves in a more feminine way.
  • I hope my partner doesn’t try to borrow my brow gel.
  • But it’s pretty chill that people who work at waxing salons might be picking up double the tips soon!

Obviously, the only real answer is that everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, regardless of sex or gender, but we’re not talking about whether this should be LEGAL or not. We’re just asking if you find it attractive. So… do you?

Tell Us How You Feel About Men Grooming Their Eyebrows

I think it’s good if they tidy their brows, but if dudes start getting 90s pencil-thin Pamela Anderson eyebrows, I will not be into it.

I think it’s good if they tidy their brows, but if dudes start getting 90s pencil-thin Pamela Anderson eyebrows, I will not be into it.

Groomed but not over the top it still has to look natural. I do not want their eyebrows to look similar like a woman’s. Definitely not like the one eyebrow Joey has here in the eyebrows gif:

I think most guys already do this to some extent? I know many guys I’ve dated shave or pluck their unibrows/overgrown brows. I’ve done it for them. I shaped my one ex’s after he watched me do mine once and he went “THAT WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO TO MINE DO IT NOW SHOW ME”. He was very, very manly. But well-groomed.

Actually, a friend of mine has a terrible unibrow and we all tell him to fix it and he’s too stubborn because he’s afraid he will seem “less like a man”. But it’s prettyyyy bad, so I wish he would just actually man up and fix it.

I feel about mens’ eyebrows the same way I feel about mens’ varied chest hair situations: if it’s natural to YOU, then I’m so into it– whether you’re super hairless or super hairy. I definitely get that there are things people don’t like about themselves, and brow grooming is one of those easy fixes. So as you can see, I’m a little conflicted.

Oh and I wanted to add, even though I prefer natural brows, I feel like men should be “allowed” to wear makeup. They get weird veins and acne and dark circles, too! It’s not fair. See? Conflicted!

Just as my preferences towards body hair on men, I prefer either natural or slight trimming. Anything beyond that (which is obviously totally their choice) is something I’m much less attracted to.

Mr. Krusticle will yank out the odd hairs that are going corkscrewy, but otherwise, any major eyebrow grooming just makes me think of Michael Jackson. And not in a good way.

My mum always ingrained the mantra ‘never trust a man who plucks his eyebrows’ into me haha. Neatening up and monobrow prevention was always fine but the second he starts shaping that was a no no apparently. I want to get over it and be more open to men who do whatever the hell they want with their face but I just can’t get over the motto that I was brought up with haha (it’s that and never trust a man who wears plastic shoes!’

I don’t mind as long as they’re not unnaturally thin like a 90s girl. My fiancé is pretty blond so his eyebrows are fine totally ungroomed. I don’t mind a strong brow but I don’t like wild either. I figure if you can take the time to groom the rest of your facial hair, you can take five minutes and deal with your caterpillars too. But unless it’s someone I’m dating I don’t give a crap, honestly.

I think people should do whatever they wanna do.

Personally, the only thing I’m cool with (aka find attractive) is preventing a unibrow. The only thing I’m cool with (aka find attractive) is preventing a unibrow.

My husband has his cut at the barber when he gets a haircut and that’s plenty enough grooming for me.

I don’t find unibrows attractive, so I’m fine with my partner grooming his. Heck, sometimes I do it for him.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you feel about men with groomed brows!

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