To identify a heart-shaped face, look for a wider forehead that tapers down to a narrower, sometimes pointed chin, with cheekbones often being the widest part of the face, resembling an inverted triangle.

Do you suspect your wide forehead and delicate chin form a distinctive heart shape? Tracing your facial outline with a makeup pencil confirms whether a heart-shaped visage frames your flawless features. Once identified, this regal shape guides optimal haircut and makeup choices to elevate natural beauty. From sculpting pixies to brightening strategic high points, heart proportions lend themselves to simple yet striking enhancement. Read on to discover heart-shaped, harmonizing secrets and embrace yours with confidence.

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What is a heart-shaped face?

What is a heart-shaped face?

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wider forehead that tapers down to a narrower, sometimes pointed, chin. The cheekbones are often the widest part of the face, and the overall shape resembles an inverted triangle.

While similar to round shapes, heart outlines boast all the width up top instead of evenly dispersed proportions. The overall effect exudes equal parts strength and delicacy in harmonious balance.

Some celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Ruby Rose, Lili Reinhart, Naomi Campbell, Billie Eilish, Brad Pitt, and Scarlett Johansson.

Tips for heart-shaped faces

Tips for heart-shaped faces

When applying makeup to a heart-shaped face, consider the following tips to enhance your features and create a balanced look:

  • Blush: Avoid too much blush, which can widen the appearance of the cheeks. Apply a subtle blush to the apples of the cheeks. Blend up toward the hairline for a diffused look.
  • Highlighter: Apply highlighter only to the uppermost cheek area beneath the eyes. Avoid sweeping highlighter across the whole cheek, which widens. Keep the glow focused on the tops of cheekbones.
  • Contour: Focus on subtly shading the forehead sides and under the chin to create an oval face. Avoid harsh lines, which can flatten. Blend well to seamlessly shape balanced proportions.
  • Brows: Maintain brows through grooming for balance. Avoid overplucking or letting them get too messy. Keep shapely brows properly framed.
  • Eyeliner: To soften the chin’s appearance, apply eyeliner along the lower lashline to define the shape. Try using brown or gray liner for a subtle effect.
  • Lipstick: Choose lipstick shades that complement your complexion. Opt for moisturizing formulas to prevent accentuating lines around the mouth. Apply lipstick with a lip brush for clean, defined edges.
  • Voluminous eyelashes: Adding length and volume to lashes helps balance a heart face shape. Choose a mascara that builds volume without clumping. Apply mascara mainly to mid-length and outer lashes to widen eyes. If desired, add wispy false lashes to the corners of the eyes.

Remember to experiment with different makeup styles and techniques to find the ones that suit your face shape and personal style best.

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Clothing styles that complement heart-shaped faces

Clothing styles that complement heart-shaped faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, certain necklines and accessories can be super flattering. I’ve found that wide or high collars, like a crewneck, boatneck, or mock neck top, nicely complement my features. Off-the-shoulder styles are also great for showing off your elegant collarbones and shoulders.

Turtlenecks, rollnecks, chokers, and short necklaces are my go-to for drawing attention upwards and accentuating my jawline. Anything that follows the shape of your face, like a v-neck or jewel neck, works wonderfully too. Stacked necklaces and multi-strand styles add some drama while keeping the focus on your beautiful bone structure.

Not into wearing collars or necklaces? No prob! Shoulder-length hair, soft waves, updos, and off-center parts keep the attention on your eyes and cheekbones. Play around with your hair and necklines to find what makes you feel amazing!

Makeup mistakes to avoid for heart-shaped faces

Makeup mistakes to avoid for heart-shaped faces

When applying makeup to a heart-shaped face, it’s important to avoid certain mistakes to achieve a balanced look. Here are some common makeup mistakes to avoid for heart-shaped faces:

  1. Avoiding overly thin or thick brows: Since heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead, it’s important to keep brows at a moderate thickness to balance the forehead and overall face shape.
  2. Avoid excessive blush on the apples of the cheeks, which can accentuate face width. Instead, apply blush slightly lower, following a semi-circle or C shape towards the hairline, to soften facial angles.
  3. Avoid harsh contouring, which can overly accentuate facial angles. Contour lightly to add definition while retaining a balanced look.
  4. Avoid overly dramatic eye makeup, which draws attention away from softening the facial structure. Instead, use softer shades like pinks, nudes, and champagnes to make eyes pop.

By avoiding these mistakes and following recommended techniques, makeup can be used to enhance the natural features of a heart-shaped face for a harmonious look.

How to choose the right foundation for heart-shaped faces

How to choose the right foundation for heart-shaped faces

Finding the perfect foundation for a heart-shaped face can take some trial and error. Believe me, I’ve tested my fair share! Here are some tips I’ve picked up for choosing foundation that flatters, not frustrates, our unique facial structure.

First, nail the right shade. A foundation that’s too pale or dark for your skin won’t do you any favors. Match it to your natural skin tone so it looks seamless, not startling.

Next, avoid caking it on! A sheer or light-coverage foundation blends beautifully without masking your pretty features. Anything too thick or with full coverage can look cakey.

Instead of a heavy foundation, strategically highlight and contour to add dimension. Use a lighter concealer under your eyes, on your forehead, and on top of your cheekbones to illuminate. Cream contours can softly define cheeks and jawlines without harsh lines.

When applying blush, use a light vertical sweep on the apples of your cheeks so you don’t widen the face. Moderation is key!

To balance your chin, dab concealer lightly on the area to widen it slightly. This evens out the proportions.

Finally, groom brows to a rounded arch to nicely frame eyes. I brush mine up with brow gel. It opens up my whole eye area!

Finding the perfect combo of complexion products just takes some experimenting. Don’t be afraid to play with shades and textures until you glow!

What are some makeup looks that complement heart-shaped faces

What are some makeup looks that complement heart-shaped faces

Ladies with heart-shaped faces, listen up! I’ve discovered some super flattering makeup looks that accentuate our best features. Let’s turn up our natural beauty even more, shall we?

First, strategic contouring works wonders. Lightly chisel your jawline and temples with bronzer to balance proportions. Instant bone structure!

Use the lightest hand when applying blush. Rather than focusing color on the apples of your cheeks, sweep blush along the edges of your face in a C shape. This makes your cheekbones glow without widening.

Of course, we need that highlighting action! Apply highlighter gently under the lower lash lines, inner eye corners, cupid’s bow, and brow bones. Have your eyes sparkle!

For brows, stick to natural, softly rounded shapes. Avoid going too thin or bold. The focus should be on your bright eyes!

Which brings me to eye makeup. Avoid heavy, smokey eyes or thick liner. Let your lively eyes shine through with soft pinks, nudes, and champagne blended on the lids. A touch of mascara completes the romantic look.

See, just a few little tweaks here and there will bring out your inner star! Now you know how to complement your beautiful, heart-shaped face. Time to get glam!

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Best hairstyles for heart-shaped female

Best hairstyles for heart-shaped female

Hairstyles that complement heart-shaped faces typically aim to balance the width of the forehead and the narrowness of the chin. Some recommended hairstyles for heart-shaped faces include:

  • Soft, romantic waves: These waves can help soften the angles of the face and are a go-to choice for heart-shaped faces.
  • Updos: Updos can highlight facial contours and create an elegant and sophisticated appearance.
  • Shoulder-length hair: This is a versatile option for heart-shaped faces, providing a balanced look and drawing attention to well-defined cheekbones and a tapering chin.
  • Hairstyles with face-framing layers: Chin-length bobs with face-framing layers, pixie cuts with long bangs, and soft, romantic waves are great choices for heart-shaped faces.

Additionally, bangs are a popular choice for heart-shaped faces, as they can cover the forehead and balance the width of the face. Long, piecey bangs, long side-swept bangs, and blunt bangs are recommended for this face shape.

It’s important to note that the most flattering hairstyle for an individual depends on their personal style, hair texture, and other factors. It’s always a good idea to consult with a hairstylist to find the best hairstyle for your specific features and preferences.

Best hairstyles for heart-shaped male

Best hairstyles for heart-shaped male

Here are some hairstyles that complement heart-shaped faces for men:

  • Long Fringe: You’ve got to try a lengthy fringe or forehead-grazing bangs. The texture and angles complement our wider forehead for a seriously suave look. Push it off your forehead for an edgy sweep, or let it hang for a mysterious vibe.
  • Side Part: If you’re keeping it classic, a side part always suits a heart shape. It draws attention upwards and lends a polished finish. Simple but effective.
  • Buzz Cut: For low-key days, a buzz cut can still bring the style factor. Keep the sides and back tight, with slightly more length up top, to balance your look.
  • Faux Hawk: To pump up the volume, give the faux hawk or pompadour a whirl. The height on top evens out our proportions for a bold, complementary shape full of interest.
  • Pompadour: If you’re growing out your locks, pull ’em back into a slick man bun. This tense, wound-up style plays up the angles of our shape for major dimensions.
  • Man Bun: For longer hair, a man bun can be a stylish option that complements the face shape.

These hairstyles are designed to balance the features of a heart-shaped face and create a harmonious appearance.

Famous people with heart-shaped faces

Famous people with heart-shaped faces
  • Some famous people with heart-shaped faces include:Naomi Campbell
  • Billie Eilish
  • Brad Pitt
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Cheryl Cole
  • Eva Longoria Parker
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Mary-Kate Olsen
  • Nicole Richie
  • Ashley Greene

With its distinctive shape, characterized by a wide forehead tapering to a delicate chin, the heart-shaped face undeniably stands out from the crowd.

Yet learning simple tricks tailored to its proportions helps this visage shine even brighter. Strategic contouring sculpts, while perfectly placed highlights illuminate.

Complementary necklines and collar-skimming cuts balance features further. And suitable styles need not be overly feminine or masculine.

With so many flattering options, people with heart outlines can embrace their dynamism with panache. From accentuating eyes to softening jawlines, a few tweaks showcase natural beauty at its finest.

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