Want thicker, more voluminous lashes that really pop? A few strategic maneuvers with your mascara can create dramatic results. As someone always on the hunt for the fullest lashes possible, I’ve tested tons of tricks. These are my can’t-live-without techniques:

The Secret to Fuller-Looking Lashes

A few swipes of mascara can add definition. But, if you want thicker, fuller lashes, you’ll have to work a bit harder. Click through to browse our must-read tips to help you get your best lashes ever.

1. Create a Mascara Cocktail

A woman applying a mascara cocktail technique

Creating a mascara cocktail that gives you full and thick lashes is a great way to really pump up the volume. What this means, is to use one mascara as a base coat, and use another mascara on top to create more dramatic results. As with cocktails, you have to add a few ingredients to get the result. The same with this technique. To thicken and separate, use a mascara like Lancome Definicils as your first coat. Then, use Benefit They’re Real mascara as the second coat to add lots of volume.

2. Wiggle the Brush at the Lashline

A woman applying mascara, focusing on wiggling the brush at the lash line to create a thick base and full lashes, with curled eyelashes as a base.

One of the easiest hacks to get full lashes is to wiggle the mascara wand at the lash line. This gives a thick base. This helps the lashes curl up. It also fills in any white spaces across the lash line. This creates a very full and thick effect. First, curl your eyelashes to give yourself a base for instant curl. Then, wiggle the wand 2-3 times at the base of the lash line. Finish off your lashes with a few coats of mascara.

3. Coat Both Sides of Your Eyelashes

A woman applying mascara by coating both sides of the eyelashes for double the thickness and volume.

Most people are used to applying mascara one way, one direction on the top lashes from top to bottom. A great way to thicken eyelashes is coat both sides of your eyelashes with mascara, not just one side. Start by looking down and apply mascara to the back of your lashes, closest to your eyes. Then, look up and apply mascara from bottom to top in the front of your lashes. Coating both sides will give you double the thickness and volume!

Always remove your mascara before sleep. This is one of the main reasons lashes clump and fall out. Using a remover that is strong enough to take off your makeup is key and you must do it daily!

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