There are many ways you can go in terms of photos. Facetune’s guide to taking great selfies is one such route, and so is changing one or two of your makeup habits. We’ve put together a short list of some of the biggest tips for you here.

Avoiding the Reverse-Raccoon

Everyone knows the raccoon look, so we take pains to avoid the dark rings appearing around our eyes. Things can go too far in the other direction, though, causing a case of the photographic sin called the “reverse-raccoon”.

Basically, in an effort to avoid darkness around the eyes, some folks go too hard on the under-eye concealer. This creates a white ring to form instead of the dark ring, causing your eye area to pop out of the rest of your face in photos.

Mixing a little foundation into the concealer and taking the time to blend everything properly to achieve a gradient look will tone things down, so give it a try! The eyes really make the image for most of us, so it’s a central concern.

Remember Your Neck

Very often, we apply foundation along the line of our jaw as a sort of habit. This is usually totally fine in everyday life, but in photos, it can be problematic. Often a camera will accentuate the feint color difference, making your face seem out of place.

If you know you’re going to be in a photo, go a little beyond the jawline when you blend in your foundation to see the difference. Simply carry on beyond the line as you smooth it over your cheeks, and voila!

Emphasizing Brows

We may not want to go full Frida Kahlo on this, but letting your eyebrows stand out a bit more than you normally do can work well in pics. Erring on the side of subtlety, be brave enough to pencil an extra shade on those brows.

This approach will tend to highlight your angles more than before, giving you an arresting look in your pics. Again, we aren’t suggesting you draw broad lines above your eyes unless, of course, that’s your signature thing. That’s your business!

Makeup Tricks for Looking Great in Photos

Bolder Blush

Don’t be afraid of that blush! Often, women go too light on the blush in an effort to get a more uniform effect, but it can be a mistake. Putting some color into your cheeks will normally give your face extra definition, which looks great.

There’s a line, obviously, so we’re not suggesting you go super heavy with it. Just an extra waft or two with your brush should work fine, defining those features along the way.

Framing Your Face

Using something like a bronzer or any number of other sheer effects can make a massive difference to how your face is framed in photos. When you work with bronzers and the like, it lets you decide how you want your features to be framed.

For example, if you want to draw attention away from your forehead, using a sheer effect across your cheeks and jawline will achieve that. In fact, there are many ways to use these kinds of products to frame your face however you want it, so why not experiment?

Framing Your Face
Photo source: Pexels

Final Thoughts

Photos are meant to be fun, but very often, they don’t seem all that much fun. Many of us even develop anxiety about appearing in pics for this reason. This shouldn’t be the case, and with some very simple hints, you could reclaim some of the fun.

The main objective with these hints is to persuade folks to try new ways of presenting themselves on camera. When there are so many options and techniques, it seems silly not to try new things with them all!

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