5 Makeup Trends to Up Your Glam This Year

Whatever the occasion or whatever you have going on, you’ll always want to be ready with the best makeup trends possible. Depending on the structure of your face, you may employ different makeup strategies to get your face prepped with makeup. To get that perfect look, here are a few makeup trends that can help glam you up big time this year:

A glowing, dewy look is in

A big look this season is going for that healthy, dewy skin. Whether you naturally have it or you don’t, using liquid foundation and the right bronzers and highlighters can get you there. Radiant is the name of the game for this season, and if you’re trying to go for that healthy, smooth look, don’t forget to use your moisturizer.

Blue eyeshadow

Hey, we get it! You’re saying, “what?” We thought this trend had gone the way of the 80s. However, it’s alive and well in 2022, and it’s actually kind of cute if we’re being honest. Pop culture is going the way of decades past and it’s not only showing up in many of our outfits and haircuts but our makeup trends too.

And it’s just in time for the fall. What has traditionally been a season where people use warmer colors like orange and maroon is now one where blues are showing up everywhere. To be honest, we’re here for it.

Rich lip color

While our eyeshadow may have a summer vibe to it, the fall calls for a change of colors and so does the makeup trend this year. For Fall, our lip colors are lending themselves toward rich, deep colors.

Deep reds and mauves are seen everywhere you look and while your soft eye makeup may be deceivingly subtle, the lips’ coloring is not. Go big or go home this season with dark and romantic lipsticks and glosses. If you want to always have the best lip color this year, consider ordering a makeup subscription and defining your preferences for deep, rich lip colors. You’ll get plenty to have enough variety all year long.

Shiny stones

Small stones around the eyes are showing up as well in 2022. While they may have belonged in show business on stages across the country, these small rhinestones are now showing up on clean, regular faces both at the office, at music festivals, and for date nights.

They can accentuate your natural eye beauty and have you standing out for any occasion. If you need a little help learning how to do your makeup that includes stones like this, ask a makeup stylist to show you how it’s done.

Thin brows

While we all strived for thicker brows for years and we invested in microblading or ombre shading, thin brows are now making a comeback. However, unlike in past times when we tweezed our brows out of existence. Some prefer a brow lift or an eyelid surgery to look that extra bit attractive. Here, one can take the help of a licensed cosmetic surgeon that performs corrective procedures like a Morpheus 8 face treatment or a Morpheus8 radiofrequency micro-needling technique that help correct all deformities around the eye area.

Tweezers are necessary but taking away the majority of your brow hair is not. Some people are using concealer and eyebrow pencils to get another unique thin eyebrow look that is more reminiscent of the roaring 20s and less of our confusing 90s trends.

The Thin Eyebrows Trend

In Conclusion

From soft blue shadow for your eyes to bold wine color for your lips, makeup trends are not like recent times past this year, but more like decades before us. We’re loving the new trends to be honest, as once again, fashion takes us back in time.

Whether you’re tweezing your brows once again or you’re using that bright red lip color that makes you stand out, these makeup trends are showing up in a big way this season. Ask your personal stylist to help you choose the best looks for you in 2022.

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