If you’ve gotten sucked into Sephora more times than you can count, you’ll relate to this list.

If you’ve ever gotten sucked into the black hole that is Sephora, you know that it has mystical powers. You’re a strong-willed human being who doesn’t throw away her money on products she doesn’t need… unless you find yourself there. No matter how many times you resolve to never go back, the wafting smell of high-quality bronzer and Marc Jacobs perfume will keep dragging you in those doors for the rest of my life. Here are 30 reasons why you’ll never get over the power of Sephora.

  1. It’s beautiful.
  2. The crisp black and white stripes, the clean glass windows, the tiles that make a pretty clacking sound under your heels. It’s like a church.
  3. It smells amazing.
  4. There’s something about designer perfume that leaves your nostrils filled with joy.
  5. You can get lost in there for hours.
  6. Every time you think you’ve seen it all, you discover another section you haven’t hit.
  7. The women who work there become your instant best friends.
  8. You can accidentally have a 30-minute conversation with the person putting foundation on the back of your hand.
  9. Or the girl looking at the same eyeshadow as you.
  10. Or your own face in the flattering mirrors.
  11. Everything’s so fun to TOUCH.
  12. Those powder brushes feel like they were spun out of angel hair.
  13. You can easily test out twelve different lipsticks.
  14. You can’t even read the expensive price tags when your brain’s flooded with that much dopamine. It’s science.
  15. The atmosphere starts to convince you that you deserve expensive products.
  16. But no one cares that you’re wearing a 3-dollar concealer.
  17. Or rubbing dollops of sample lotion on your arms like it’s going out of style.
  18. Or trying a different nail polish on each of your fingers.
  19. You’re in your happy place.
  20. Everyone around you is in their happy place, too.
  21. Just when you think you’re going to get out with one or two items, you have to pass the bins of travel-size products on the way to the registers.
  22. So naturally, you have to look at all of them.
  23. And come to think, you might need to buy the full-size bottle of this particular cream.
  24. It’s cheaper that way! This is an investment!
  25. And it’d be stupid to just get one.
  26. You can’t risk falling in love with this product and then running out of it.
  27. That would just mean you have to go back to Sephora.
  28. And get caught up in the magic all over again.
  29. And let its gravity pull you deeper and deeper into the depths of makeup heaven.
  30. And you’ll end up repeating this list from the beginning.

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