6 Things Your Make-up Kit must have
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It is essential to have a collection with makeup essentials to create a go-to everyday look whether you are a makeup novice or have experimented with your makeup for years. After acquiring the makeup basics, you have to add playful or trendy makeup products to your collection and incorporate them into your daily makeup routine.

You will find many beauty brands like Maybelline, Huda Beauty and Nykaa that better exemplify the intersection between social media and the beauty world. If we talk about high-end formulas and textures, Huda beauty products will be an ideal choice. 

Below, we will take you through the essential makeup products your makeup kit must-have. So if you are looking to fill some gaps in your collection, keep scrolling to explore the complete list of makeup essentials for applying and storing your makeup. 

1. Face Primer

Some people don’t think face primer is necessary to add to their makeup collection. But we will feel it is a vital beauty product for your daily makeup routine. The primary purpose of a face primer is to keep your skin looking smooth and your makeup looking fresh all day long. 

Whether you need a makeup product to control oil, acne, moisturize or smooth out uneven texture, there is a primer to do all the cause. 

2. Foundation

You can not underestimate the power of a foundation when you are filling some gaps in your beauty collection. However, it is the hardest part of your makeup routine as you not only have to consider the type of coverage but also your undertones and skin type.

If you are a beginner, you have to ensure that you are using the correct type of shade. You can go for a #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation that acts as a real-life IG filter. It can manage prominent pores, spots and bring a matte yet velvet finish.

As it is on the thicker side, this foundation also has impressive staying power. You will get impressed by its lineup of more than 30 shades that exceeds.

3. CC cream

If you want a natural look, you can refer to a CC cream as a regular foundation. It will be a great option with skincare benefits such as moisturizing and priming. CC cream is an even better place to start than a foundation if you are a beginner.

One minus point of a CC cream is that it comes up in limited shade ranges and does not work on darker skin tones.

4. Concealer

Concealer is a must-have in your makeup collection if you suffer from acne, dark circles, or discoloration. A concealer comes in two types of formulations, full-coverage and sheer-coverage. 

Depending on how much you are trying to cover up, you have to shop for the right concealer. When you are looking for a concealer, make sure to select a shade that is close to your foundation and BB cream.

The most popular concealer in the market is The Overachiever Concealer that comes with a formula made of 31% pure pigments, camouflaging almost everything.

5. Lipstick

We can’t deny that every makeup kit is incomplete without lipstick. Whether you are looking for a glossy, satin, or matte finish, lipstick is out there to cater to all your needs. As a beginner, you have to choose a lipstick close to your natural lip shade. 

It will be a perfect idea to find a classic and go with red. Red goes well with special occasions. You can experiment with pairing a red lip with natural makeup for a more glamorous look. 

You will find so many lipsticks in the market, but the all-time favs are Power Bullet Matte Lipstick that delivers complete color payoff in just one swipe.

6. Eye Primer

Eye Primer in a makeup kit has been a lifesaver for many women. Not only it prevents your eyes from sliding off, fading, and creasing, but it also keeps colors looking true. A good eye primer is perfect for oily skin.

You will find many formulations in an eye primer with moisturizing, color correcting, and anti-aging benefits. 

Wrapping up:

So here are some of the essential beauty products you must have in your makeup kit. Does your makeup kit own all the products shown in the article, and which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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