Makeup Storage Hacks To Make Your Collection Organized And Cute
Image via: Instagram/jensbeautynest

Why are you keeping your makeup in a junk drawer when organized bliss is within reach? These 10 hacks will help you find a way to keep your makeup and beauty products in order and looking cute.

1. Turn an ugly jar cute!

There’s a reason why MissGlamorazzi is my favorite beauty blogger! Ingrid teaches you how to use the jars from your Bath and Body Works candles to store your makeup brushes. It requires a lot of glitters and a little bit of patience, like all good things.

2. Be creature with shelves!

This blogger found a creative way to use an Ikea staple that I really want to steal. This LACK shelf doesn’t stick too far out from the wall, its open sides don’t make it look imposing or like it’s taking up the whole room, and it puts your makeup collection on display. Love.

3. Go all Andy Warhol!

This tutorial will show you how to turn old soup cans into adorable containers for pencils or pens, but what’s holding you back from using them to store your eyeliners or brushes?

4. Reuse odd household items!

I made a list a little bit ago with ideas for repurposing Halloween costumes and props for everyday use, and I’m really jealous that I didn’t think of this awesome idea. Why shouldn’t your brushes live inside skulls?

5. Put stuff on the walls!

I know pure brilliance when I see it. This blog shows you how easy it is to add little shelves inside an old picture frame to put your give your nail polish collection the place of honor that it deserves.

6. Use those Mason jars!

Some would argue that telling people to keep things in jars is kind of obvious, but we all know how Pinterest feels about Mason jars. I’ve never really thought of storing cotton balls and Q-tips in containers like these, but it makes sense!

7. Use a shoe rack!

Everyone bought one of these over-the-door shoe hangers when they went off to college or got their first apartment, and everyone quickly learned that they’re not nearly as convenient as they seem. Heels poke through the plastic, flip flops pop out like they have minds of their own… anyway. Use yours to keep your lip products in order! Why not?

8. Use a cookie jar!

Adorable. Freaking adorable. Why should cookie jars only live in the kitchen? Not only are your nail polishes too pretty to hide away, but this visually interesting jar will turn them into a decoration for your room.

9. Use a bunt pan!

I never would have thought of this idea on my own (partially because it’s, like, a weird one), but give me one good reason why your foundation shouldn’t live inside a bunt cake pan. I’ll wait.

10. Use magnets!

I have waaaay too much makeup to actually pull this off, but if there are any reasonable ladies out there, this is too cute to not do.

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