Anything can be turned into a tattoo. You can turn everything from a quote from your favorite author to a symbol from your favorite television show into new ink. If you’re a beauty lover, you can let your love of makeup inspire your next tat. Lipstick tattoos and kiss prints are two popular options, but why stop there? Think perfume, hair, nails, skincare, and your favorite beauty looks. You could even incorporate your favorite sexy shade names if you want.

Take a look at 14 tattoos that are perfect for beauty lovers:

1. Applying Lipstick

Makeup Tattoo Applying Lipstick

When you have lipstick, you probably have hearts too. This tattoo shows how to combine the two things together.

2. Mascara

Makeup Tattoo Mascara Wand

Most makeup tattoos are on the girly side, and this one really embraces the theme with the pastel color palette and accent hearts.

3. You Are Beautiful

Makeup Tattoo You Are Beautiful

Lots of people say positive affirmations in front of the mirror. This tattoo has a mirror on it with a positive message. Looking at it every day will put a smile on your face.

4. Perfume Spritz

Makeup Tattoo Perfume Spritz

There are so many gorgeous perfume bottles to choose from. This one would definitely earn pride of place on a vanity. If only it would look that pretty when you sprayed it on.

5. MAC Lipstick

Makeup Tattoo Mac Lipstick

Don’t be surprised if this is based on MAC‘s beloved Ruby Woo lippies. It is that good. It’s the cult classic shade that everyone raves about.

6. Stars and Mirror Tattoo

Makeup Tattoo Stars and Mirror

How much fun is this tattoo? The color palette is reminiscent of some of the retro Barbie colors. Furthermore, the way the stars coordinate with the makeup on the brushes is very clever.

7. Makeup Sleeve

Makeup Tattoo Sleeve

You probably have more than one favorite product, so why not incorporate them all? You could start a sleeve design just based on your picks. This one is a great example, with the leopard print in the background.

8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Makeup Tattoo Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A great girl power anthem and a great tattoo. The font on this is amazing. It really does look like it is written in lipstick. Luckily you do not have to worry about this smudging.

9. Makeup Brush and Lipstick

Makeup Tattoo Brush and Lipstick

Wrist tattoos are popular, but you probably haven’t seen too many wrist tattoos that feature makeup brushes, lipsticks, and bows.

10. You Betta Werk!

Makeup Tattoo You Betta Work

If you have this tattoo, there are no excuses. You have to work it out at all times. The way everything is layered on the turquoise heart makes this tattoo even more dynamic.

11. Makeup Compact

Makeup Tattoo Compact

There are so many beautiful makeup compacts out there. Any one of them would make a brilliant tattoo. This rose one is proof of that.

12. Bobby Pin

Makeup Tattoo Bobby Pin

When you think about the different types of beauty tattoos, hairpins may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, they are quite popular. If you decide to get one, know that there will be at least one hairpin you will never misplace.

13. Kiss

Makeup Tattoo Lipstick Tattoo

All kiss tattoos are not created equal. Remember how Demi Lovato covered hers up because it looked like a vagina? This is the type of lip print tattoo you should be aiming for.

14. Powder Puff

Makeup Tattoo Powder Puff

Here’s another example of a makeup compact tattoo, except this one is open. Throw in a beauty product in an adorable green package, and you have the start of a beauty-themed sleeve.

(Photo: Pinterest)

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