9 Tutorials For Making Lipstick Last Longer On Your Mouth
9 Tutorials For Making Lipstick Last Longer On Your Mouth. (Photo via Shutterstock)

Am I the only one out there who loves the way lipstick looks… but has a really, really hard time keeping it on her damn mouth? I’m not talking about keeping it in the perfect place, I’m not talking about keeping it on through meals, and I’m not talking about keeping it on for hours on end. I literally just cannot wear most lipsticks for longer than a few minutes before it mysteriously vanishes.

Luckily, there are some kind souls out there in the YouTube beauty community who are devoted to solving the great makeup mysteries of the world. If you’re anything as sloppy as I am, I hope you enjoy one of these 9 tutorials for making lipstick last!

1. How to Make Red Lips Last All Night

I’ve been known to make red lipstick last for about 45 seconds, so gaining tips for keeping it on all night is pretty amazing. Thank you, goddesses of YouTube, for all that you do.

2. Matt Lipstick Tutorial with Jamie Paige Beauty

Matte lipstick is a look I love, but it’s also really hard to pull off without looking dry and flaky. Leave it to Seventeen to teach me how to make it work. They taught me everything else about life!

3. The Perfect Red Lips Tutorial

Yes, this video was uploaded in 2008. Yes, it’s in 240p and 4:3. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a classic in the world of beauty videos. I rewatch this one whenever I’m getting ready to rock a red lip, and I need a little bit of encouragement.

4. How to Apply Lipstick Like a PRO

Considering the fact that I can barely wear lipstick like a middle schooler, learning how to apply it like a PRO– in all capital letters– has been an intense experience for me. I feel like my life can really begin now.

5. How to Make Your Lipstick Last ALL Day

I don’t know how all these women on YouTube got the guts to wear bright, vibrant pinks on their lips, but I’m forever in awe of them. I might not be brave enough to pull off this color, but after learning how she keeps it alive, I’m more likely to try!

6. How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

This one isn’t a typical tutorial, but I actually really like the way she just talks to the camera, like she’s chatting with a girlfriend in the bathroom on a night out. Her advice is awesome, too. Who knew concealer could play such a big role in keeping lipstick on?

7. How to get your lipstick to stay all-day

As much as it helps to get basic tips on making lipstick last longer, I love that this video focuses on high-risk colors like this plummy purple. It’s hard enough to keep pink on your lips. It takes skill to make a dark colorwork!

8. Make Your Own Lipcolor

I clicked on this video for the thumbnail, which, like the photo above, looked sort of like a woman using a metal spoon for cooking hard drugs. I stayed for the awesome advice on creating your own lip color and getting it to last for hours on end! (What’s that? Oh. Yes, I have clearly never seen someone cook drugs with a spoon in real life. What gave it away?)

9. How To Keep Your Lip Color On All Day

This one isn’t so much a tutorial as it is a video full of recommendations, but it’s still a must-watch if you’re looking for products that work with your mouth. I’ve tried a few of the products she recommends (including a dupe for the Maybelline lipstick that I raved about recently), and Ruth knows what she’s talking about!

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