Your personal style is unique and distinctive, but there’s nothing that marks your aesthetic like your signature lip color. Here’s our 100% scientific and accurate study that reveals what your lipstick color says about you.

1. Baby Pink

You don’t understand why fashion can be so ugly sometimes. Isn’t beauty the whole point? Not everyone can be beautiful, but people seem to be just wrong about what is and isn’t pretty. You ride the subway to work every morning and think, “Don’t these other girls have mirrors?” If you could, you would just stay on that subway all day and give makeovers to all the girls with the messy hair and the ill-fitting clothes and the harsh lipstick that makes them look old. You believe deeply in fashion as an investment, which makes sense because you still have going-out tops from high school and college that you wear on the regular.

2. Bright Pink

You are a bad bitch and so very good at applying eyeliner. I know this post is about lipstick, but your eyeliner game deserves attention. You used to wear red lipstick almost exclusively, but then the basics started rocking it and you felt like branching out. You have a distinctive sense of style, but your whole style changes completely every few years. You spent a few years wearing vintage and covered in cherry print dresses. Then you went all boho for a while. Then you wore a ton of leather and got yourself some badass sunglasses. All of those looks were 100% you, and they still kind of are. You might go back to them someday, and you could if you wanted to. You don’t believe in closet purges, so you still have all that stuff. Thank god for storage lockers, am I right?

3. Red

You want people to think you’re edgy, and you are, but you might not be quite as edgy as you think you are. You’d like people to think you’re a shocking, badass iconoclast, but actually, you fit in seamlessly at fancy restaurants and country clubs. You’ve wanted a tattoo for years, and when you finally get it, it will actually be surprisingly elegant. All your mother’s friends will talk about how pretty and daring it is, and that will disappoint you a little bit. That’s actually a good way of summing up your style: All your mother’s friends think you are charmingly daring and unconventional.

4. Nude

You are très fashion. You read all the magazines and do whatever Pat McGrath says to do. If a garment has a designer label in it, you will buy it and wear it into the damn ground. If it does not have a designer label in it, well damn it right to hell. The only exception to that rule is sneakers. You will not wear sneakers, even if Chanel puts them on the runway. Even if Kristen Stewart wears them. (You hate Kristen Stewart anyway.) You will wear your 9″, triple-soled Yves Saint Laurent Tributes until you are dead and buried. You plan to be buried with all your high-fashion designer stuff, just as an insurance plan in case you really can take it with you. Your big weakness is mascara. You own like 40 of them, but it’s OK because you actually use them up before they go bad. Nobody knows this about you, but you really want to own a high-tech Japanese toilet.

5. Berry

You like drama and you believe deeply in sexiness and you do not do things halfway. You aren’t particularly over the top, style-wise. In fact, you almost never wear jewelry, because all that sparkle just distracts from your boobs, and your hair, and your lips, and your eyes. That rule about emphasizing either your eye or your lip is bullshit because you do both and look great. You like to look powerful, and you think it’s possible to be allergic to pastels. Some girl in pink lip gloss tried to give you a makeover on the subway once, and you laughed in her face until she cried.

6. Orange

You’re a really good person. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with your personal style, but it influences everything you do and it seemed like the sort of thing that should be mentioned. You donate blood and give money to the homeless and whenever you go to type something on the Internet you think, “Would I be OK with saying this out loud in front of a bunch of strangers and people I respect?” You’re also unfailingly optimistic. You love summer and look excellent in pastel blue. You like it when colors are named for fruits, like “raspberry” and “persimmon.”

7. Blue

Nude lipstick lady thinks she’s très fashion, but you’re actually in the thick of it. You’re not afraid to try the weird stuff on the runway, even though you know it’s not actually meant to be worn in real life. You probably spend half your income on duplicates of designer makeup trends, like black lipgloss, blue lipstick, and rose gold metallic eyeliner. Non-fashion people think you’re weird and don’t know how to dress, but people who work in fashion have totally taken your photo on the street and then stuck you on a mood board for the next season. (If you want to become a Blue Lipstick person, check out Sam’s excellent tutorial on how to wear blue lipstick and look awesome.)

8. Black

You never had a goth phase, probably because you aren’t old enough to have had one yet. You might be going through it now. You like to look edgy and think “prettiness” is a dumb goal for something as interesting and multivalent as fashion. Symmetry is for losers. Unfortunately, it’s like 95 degrees outside, and you’re so hot you feel like you’re going to die. Maybe you could get away with wearing just a black bathing suit everywhere you go. Or maybe it’s time to start wearing pastels ironically, at least until September.

9. Lilac

I do not know where you even bought this lipstick. It doesn’t look good, but it’s not really supposed to. You like looking kind of like an alien. You’re getting ready to enter a serious 70s disco phase, which is the only sort of because you can buy 70s vintage on eBay cheap as hell because everyone else is going for all the 40s and 50s stuff. Protip: If you move to the 80s, you’ll get some real deals. Try Thierry Mugler and Ungaro. You can get that stuff for a song, and in 5 years everyone will be all, “OMG, where did you get that!?” By then, you’ll be tired of it and ready to divest it at a profit. It’ll be great.

10. Clear

You look like you don’t give a shit because you really don’t. You’re cool enough to get away with Chapstick as a fashion statement, but you don’t really care about being cool. You just want to do stuff with bands and cut your hair in the bathroom. You’re way too busy being awesome to give a shit about fashion or your clothes, and it kind of annoys you that people keep asking you where you got that awesome thing you’re wearing. Everyone either hates you or wants to be you. Some people hate you and want to be you, but you couldn’t care less. You’re a cat person.

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