Abbie's Esthetics: What your lash artist won't tell you.

Hi! My name is Abbie, and I own Abbie’s Esthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been doing eyelashes for over 11 years. I have owned my lash salon for over 7 years and a lash brand for about 3 years. To say that I know about lashes, would be an understatement. I study all things lashes all day long.

If you are getting your lashes done, you probably know all about your lash artist, right? I mean, it is usually a 1-2 hour therapy session for both of you when you come in. Well, I am going to tell you the things that your lash artist probably won’t ever tell you.

  1. Fidgeting. Have you ever been in a deep conversation with your lash artist, and all of a sudden, they stop talking as much, and they might seem that they are being a little short with you? This is caused by you talking so much, and being so animated in your story that you are moving all over the place—imaging this. You have chopsticks in your hand, and you are trying to pick up 1 grain of rice and place it on top of a tiny string in the middle of an earthquake. That’s how it feels for your lash artist when you are moving all over the place. Of course, we want to hear your story, but we know that you ain’t gonna be happy unless you leave there with every single one of your lashes glammed up. So when you get to your lash appointment, ask yourself, “Is this story more important when my lashes being full and luscious?” Probably not. We love you, anyways.
  2. Lateness. When you consistently come into your appointment late, even 5-10 minutes late, we are a bit annoyed. This is only relevant if your lash artist is constantly on time. I pride myself for always being on time for my clients, and I would hope that my clients would have the same respect for me. Being late is just rude, and if you are constantly late, it is showing your lash artist that you don’t care for her time. And…again….your lash time will suffer. You won’t be getting them as full as you would have if you were on time.
  3. Mascara. Girrrrrrrrl, if you are getting lash extensions done, do not, I repeat, do not coat those suckers with mascara. Imagine dumping latex paint all over your front lawn and having to scrub it out. It is not coming out. Then once you apply a lash on top of that mascara, even if it is just a little bit, your extension is going to fall out because it doesn’t bond to your natural lash; it is bonding to the mascara.
Lash Brand: What your lash artist won't tell you.

If you aren’t happy with the look of your lashes, look at these 3 topics and see if there is a chance that you are contributing to the issue. If so, try avoiding these 3 things and see if that helps your lashes stay fuller for longer. If you are still not happy, find a new lash artist. Certain lash artists have a specific style, and maybe you just haven’t found your perfect match yet.



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