Blue eyeshadow was a massive trend on the Spring runways. Here is how to pull off blue eyeshadow and make it look modern.

If there is one item that scares off even the most adventurous of beauty lovers, it is blue eyeshadow. It brings to mind pageant queens and dated prom photos. Give us crazy-colored lipsticks and rainbow mascaras over blue eyeshadow any day. It might be time to get over your blue eyeshadow hangup because the bold shadow was a major trend on the Spring 2016 runways. If you think that there is no way that blue eyeshadow can look modern, shows like Diane von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs proved that it can actually be a great look when it is done correctly.

Follow these tips to pull off blue eyeshadow:

1. Choose the right shade.

Makeup rule #1: Remember that choosing a flattering option is always the most important thing. What blue shadow may look pretty in the packaging may not look flattering on your skin. A good rule to go by is to choose a similar blue shadow to a flattering blue top you have in your wardrobe.

2. Do not forget about the finish.

Thankfully modern blue eyeshadows are a long way from the frosted ones of the 1980′s. Metallic and sparkly shades can be great for the evening, but it is best to stick with sheer or matte ones if you’re going to attempt the look during the day.

3. Apply an eyeshadow primer.

When you are wearing any bold eye makeup look, it is even more critical that it looks flawless. It’s a lot more obvious if something is off than it is with your neutral shadow. Keep your blue shadow in place with a good eyeshadow primer like Stay Don’t Stray 360 Degree Stay Put Eyeshadow Primer ($26, Benefit). You don’t want any creases here.

4. Use a light hand.

Mimi Bobeck could rock blue shadow up to her eyebrows, but most of us can’t. When you’re using your blue eyeshadow, remember that less is definitely more. Concentrate on the color of your lid. If you want to start off small, try it in the inner corners of your eyes or on your lower lash line.

5. Adjust the rest of your makeup.

Taylor Swift can pull off bold eyes and lipstick, but sadly we are not all Taylor. If you’re new to blue eyeshadow, start off by keeping the rest of your face natural. You do not want your lipstick clashing with your lips. It also isn’t the best idea to pair your blue lipstick with your blue shadow.

6. Try blue mascara or liner.

Okay, so blue shadow may be the most popular product, but that doesn’t mean you’re restricted from trying different products. Blue mascara or liner are both good options if you’re not ready to jump right into blue shadow. Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Periwinkle ($22, Stila) will enhance your peepers in a subtle way.

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