How do you remove your eye makeup, to ensure you don’t wake up with raccoon eyes in the morning? Tell us your tips and tricks.

How Do You Remove Your Eye Makeup So It Comes off Easily?
How Do You Remove Your Eye Makeup So It Comes off Easily?

If you’re trying any elaborate eye makeup designs, you’re going to need some tips and tricks on how to remove your makeup. Otherwise, you’re going to wake up with a major case of raccoon eyes and a stained pillowcase. Even on days when you’re not recreating some intricate Disney Princess eye makeup look, you still want to remove all of your makeup properly. Not removing your regular cat eye can lead to gross things like eye infections, which are way worse than stained pillows. So tell us, how do you remove your eye makeup? Do you scrub, scrub, then scrub some more? Or do you have a miracle eye makeup remover that you swear by?

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First, I’ll tell you how I remove my eye makeup: I follow the same routine whether I’m wearing mascara or a fancy cat-eye. I wash my face with a cleanser; then, I apply a liquid eye makeup remover with cotton balls. (I have yet to discover a brand that I’m 100% in love with, so if you have any good recommendations, feel free to include those.) I hold it on my eye for a few minutes, then gently wipe it away. I repeat this a few times; then I switch to using Q-tips to get off every last bit of mascara. I hold the Q-tip parallel to my eye and gently wiggle it back and forth on my lashes. It sounds like a good way to poke yourself in the eye, but I have never hurt myself, and I’ve been using this trick for years. (Note: I also use the regular rounded Q-tips, not the special pointed ones.) The cotton ball alone only removes about 40% of my mascara, but this way gets every flake off. I then finish by splashing my face with water to get rid of any makeup remover residue—goodbye raccoon eyes.

Now, tell us in the comments your tips on how you remove your eye makeup.

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