Have you ever wanted to try false eyelashes or eyelash extensions but haven’t been able to figure out how to actually put them on?

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to put on your own fake eyelashes during your makeup routine, 3 tips you should really know, and 5 new styles you have to try!

How to DIY Falsies - Diamond Lash

How to Put On Eyelashes Yourself at Home:

Coming from an eyelash pro of 10 years, putting on your own eyelashes comes easy with practice and patience.

First of all, you will need the eyelashes and lash glue. Optionally you can also use an eyelash applicator to help you place the lashes without using your bare hands. This is more sanitary, but if you are new to false eyelashes you might want to wait until you have the technique down before using sharp tools by your eyes!

So maybe just wash your hands thoroughly before starting to be safe…

Step 1: Prep Lashes

Take one lash out of the packaging. You may want to measure the lash by placing it on your eye without glue first and seeing if the ends extend past the edge of your eye. If so, you can cut the excess with small, clean scissors. Do the same to the other lash.

Step 2: Apply

Apply glue to the inner lash line of the eyelash. Wait 15 seconds while the glue gets stickier then place along your own lash line. Repeat with the other eye.

Step 3: Adjust & Secure

Take a look in the mirror and make sure both lashes are even, with all edges glued down right. You may need to apply a bit more eyelash glue in the inner or outer edges to secure them, or in the middle if you see gaps in the adhesive.

Prep Lashes

And voila!

Instantly complete your look with your new pair of lashes whether it’s all you have on with your casual day clothes or completing your glamorous look on that special occasion – a nice pair of eyelashes go with anything.

Now, are you wondering where to get some?

We might know just the place: SM Dance Fashion, a premium brand of dancewear has just released their new line of top-quality lashes. Amid the pandemic, this company has had to rethink how they help women out there feel confident, get the products they need, and overall keep a positive outlook.

These lashes were made for dancing….

The company is known for sourcing high-quality dresses, accessories, and practice wear for professional sports dancers. Their brand is literally worn on the stages of high-stakes dance competitions all over the world, so you can trust that these lashes are made to last while they look stunning enough to break necks.

Their lashes are made from premium natural fibers to give them the most natural look and feel, as well as a soft cotton lash band for all-day comfort. As a pretty neat bonus – they are packaged in reusable storage containers for storing in the most sanitary way.

Eyelashes are usually reusable for multiple uses, as long as you keep them clean and store them in the packaging when you are not wearing them.

How To Put On Eyelashes Yourself At Home

Here are a couple of tips you should know:

  • Ideally, keep them dry because the glue does not last long after they get wet.
  • You might also want to just carry the eyelash glue with you in case the edge needs regluing, it’s normal for them to need adjustment after a couple of hours of wearing.
  • When you take them off, remove the old glue before storing it back in the box so they can stay clean.

Diamond Lash has 5 different looks you may want to try:

Natural Style & Flirty

When you are looking to add just a little bit of drama to your natural makeup look, these are the perfect fit. They add a subtle amount of volume, just enough to finish your professional look for work, casual work for home or simply to lift up your mood and make you feel naturally beautiful!

Diamond Lash

Doll, Lush & Glamorous

Enhance your beautiful eyes with this pair of lashes you will love! Give the illusion of thicker, voluminous lashes with depth in 3-dimensional layers that provide a dramatic look for amazingly fuller lashes. You’ll feel all dolled up with these lovelies on.

Upcoming Eyelash Brand Launch you don’t want to miss!

To celebrate their brand launch, they will be doing a giveaway of a five-pack of eyelashes this week! To enter the giveaway, visit: https://smdancefashion.com/

SM Dance Fashion is a female-owned premium dancewear boutique for competitive dancers

Their passion for high-quality designs that steal the show is made especially for dancers.  The collaboration of 2 women entrepreneurs brought the vision, and products, to life.

“Our dance wear brings together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special that captures every movement in a beautiful way. Now that our lives have been impacted by this pandemic, we creatively sourced new products that you will love – practice dance wear, premium eyelashes, wellness essentials such as masks, and hand sanitizer.”

  • SM Dance Fashion

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