How To Look Like Twiggy Beauty Tips And Tutorials Photos
How To Look Like Twiggy Beauty Tips And Tutorials Photos.

If you want a look that is equal parts gamine and edgy, look no further than TwiggyMarilyn Monroe was the glamazon, and Audrey Hepburn was the elegant lady, but Twiggy was the young, doll-faced model who made beauty (and fashion) fun in the 1960s. She not only had the enviable chopped haircut, she had the lashes as well, and lots of them (falsies and drawn on). She could work an eyeliner as well as she could a pair of Go-Go boots, and that is why her swinging 60s look is still used as inspiration for many today.

Here’s how to get Twiggy’s doll lashes look:

1. Basic 60s Look

Beauty Tips And Tutorials Photos: Basic 60s Look

Twiggy’s look was classic 1960s mod. Think bold eyes, multiple coats of mascara, and neutral cheeks and eyes. Good luck finding a lipstick in gray-beige in 2014. Stick with nude lipstick or foundation if you’re brave.

2. Classic Liner

Beauty Tips And Tutorials Photos: Twiggy Eyes

Twiggy’s doll-like look was all about the eyes (and maybe the haircut). Yes, you need to enhance your crease with black liner. It’s mandatory.

3. False Lashes How To

Top False Lashes How To

Fifty coats of mascara will only get you so far. It will actually take you less time to apply false lashes than it would to achieve this look with regular mascara. And you don’t have to worry about unsightly clumps.

4. Bottom False Lashes How To

How To Bottom False Lashes

If you want more drama than just drawing on your bottom lashes, add a few individual fake eyelashes to pump up the volume.

5. Twiggy Makeup Steps

Twiggy Makeup Steps

If you’re the type of person, who prefers step-by-step instructions as opposed to visuals, here are the stages for recreating Twiggy’s makeup.

6. Colored Liner: Colored Twiggy Eyes

Colored Twiggy Eyes

This periwinkle shadow is a gorgeous alternative to white. Experiment with all colors of the rainbow to create your own signature version. Don’t forget to draw on a few freckles too.

7. Long-Haired Updo

Long-haired Updo

For those of you who aren’t brave enough to cut off your long hair, you can fake Twiggy’s cropped style with this elegant updo.

8. Colored Shadow Twiggy Makeup

Colored Shadow Twiggy Makeup

If black and white are a bit too “blah” for you, turquoise shadow will inject a lot of fun. The shimmery lip gloss is a nice alternative to her signature matte lip—this Party Time Twiggy.

9. Moon Manicure

Moon Manicure

Moon manicures aren’t necessarily a Twiggy signature, but they complete your mod look as well as a sleeveless shift dress.

10. Actual Twiggy Eyes

Actual Twiggy Eyes

If you want an authentic Twiggy look, then look to the lady herself. Talk about an eyeliner pro.

11. Short Hair Styling

Pixie Cut Styling

If you already have short hair or have decided to get a Twiggy haircut, this is the modern way to style your cropped ‘do.

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12. Nude Lipstick

Beauty Tips And Tutorials Photos: Nude Lip

A slick of clear lip gloss makes your pout look fuller. If you want an authentic mod look, keep things matte.

13. Vintage Volume

Vintage Hair

Everyone loved their rollers in the 1960s. To get a bit of volume at the roots, without the curlers, try back-combing around your part and apply half a bottle of hairspray.

14. Cat Eye Variations

Cat Eye Variations

Some of these styles are more Twiggy than others–the arrows not so much–but any sort of graphic liner will make you look a bit more like a 60s mod.

15. White Shadow

How To Look Like Twiggy Beauty Tips And Tutorials Photos: White Shadow

Opaque white eyeshadow is something that we left behind in the 1960s, but if you can find a modern one, this would make a great evening look.

(Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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