There are a lot of tricks to fixing the appearance of under eye circles without surgery. Here are 20 of the best.

I am genetically gifted with deep, dark under-eye bags. They seem impossible to fully cover, and whenever I don’t wear my glasses, I am convinced that my terrible under-eye luggage is all anybody can see. As much as I would like to embrace them and be all body-positive about them, they’re definitely a source of insecurity. I’ve actually considered surgery to get rid of them, but I have relatives who have gone that route, and frankly, I think the post-surgery results are usually worse than the eye bags were to start with. So I will just live with them. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing I can do about them. There are a fair number of beauty tricks that can minimize the appearance of the heaviest under-eye circles. Here are 20 of the best.

1. How to apply concealer

Dot the concealer, then pat with your finger to blend.

2. Conceal undereye bags

I have this issue. I haven’t tried this technique, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

3. A new way to apply concealer

This seems to make sense, depending on which way your circles go.

4. Vitamin K and licorice treatment

This should help soothe and moisturize without drying the area out.

5. Green tea treatment

Cold, wet bags of green tea under your eyes for five minutes a day should help cool and de-puff. The caffeine is also supposed to help shrink the puffiness.

6. Cold milk cheesecloth treatment

Huh. This looks like fun.

7. Witch hazel under-eye de-puffer

Witch hazel is a natural skin-tightener.

8. Photoshop them away

Well, this is certainly an option.

9. Greek yogurt treatment

Greek yogurt is basically magic at this point, isn’t it?

10. Parsley eye mask

This seems like something Gwyneth would swear by.

11. Potato eye mask

Potatoes apparently have a skin-lightening enzyme. Plopping slices over your eyes twice a week can thus temporarily reduce the dark circles.

12. Cucumbers! 

Cucumbers are a classic.

13. DIY cucumber pads

Cucumbers are old-school, but these DIY cucumber pads will do the same thing without requiring you to use a knife.

14. Cold spoons

Cold spoons or a bag of frozen peas will help temporarily reduce puffiness.

15. Drugstore under eye circle eliminator

This uses just two drugstore products, and you can’t argue with the end results. I will definitely be giving this one a try.

16. Vitamin E treatment

Lots of grandmas with good skin swear by vitamin E oil.

17. Coffee grounds

Coffee has caffeine, which can help decrease puffiness.

18. Darker foundation

Maybe a darker shade on the puffy part would help even things out.

19. Mint and potato eye pads

This sounds refreshing. Also delicious.

20. Triangle fan

This is a pretty clear example of what kind of brush stroke to use.

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