There are makeup disasters and then there are makeup mistakes. A makeup disaster is something you’d hopefully notice before you leave the house–like lipstick on your nose–and if you didn’t, it’s girl code that someone would immediately inform you. (Why did no one tell Angelina Jolie about the white powder on her face, why?!) Makeup mistakes are annoying things we may not realize we’re doing wrong until we spot them in a different light, or we look at a photo of ourselves afterwards–who else foolishly thought plums lips would suit them?

Here at some celebrity makeup mistakes that we may be guilty of doing, and how to correct them:

1. Mistake: Too Much Bronzer

Celebrity Makeup Mistakes
(Credits: Instagram / @nikkiajoy).

How To Correct It: I like Lindsay Lohan and want her to do well, but I can’t overlook the fact that wearing too much bronzer doesn’t make you more tan, it just makes you look orange. If you’re fair, don’t choose the darkest color, because you will just look like you have mud on your face. Choose an apricot or light brown shade like Smashbox Bronze Lights in Sunkissed Matte. Apply the bronzer sparingly, gradually building up the color. Then blend, blend, and blend some more with a proper brush.

2. Mistake: Wearing The Wrong Color For Your Skintone

How To Correct It: Like Lea Michele you’ve probably worn a cool color when you should be wearing a warm–or vice versa. To first figure out your skin’s undertone, look at your wardrobe and decide whether the colors you look best in are mostly reds and oranges (warm) or greens and blues (cool). The same idea applies when choosing makeup–blue-based products are cooler, while red-based ones are warm (wishing you took art right about now?). If you’re not sure what category something would fall into, test a few similar shades on your face, so you’ll know for certain which is the most flattering.

3. Mistake: Messy Brows

How To Correct It: At first glance, there isn’t that much difference between the image of Mary-Kate Olsen on the left and the one of her on the right, other than a halo braid. Now, look at her eyebrows in both pics. In the image on the right, they’re neater and more streamlined. Never underestimate the power of a quick comb with an eyebrow brush–if you don’t have one, an extra toothbrush works just as well. Finish with an eyebrow gel, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Eyebrow Gel, to keep them in place.

4. Mistake: Too Much Powder

How To Correct It: Poor Miley Cyrus, put on a bit too much powder around her mouth. To stop powder caking onto your face, apply it with a brush as opposed to a powder pouf. And remember to tap off the excess, before you apply it. Also, look for translucent or colorless formulas like COVERGIRL Professional Loose Powder.

5. Mistake: Choosing An Unflattering Nude Lipstick

How To Correct It: Nude lipsticks are tricky to get right as Rihanna discovered. There are a lot of colors, so there’s a higher margin for error. Choose a nude for your skin tone. Typically a nude with pink undertones is best for light to medium skin tones, while a brown-based nude looks best on olive to dark-skinned girls. If you look washed out, you have the wrong color. Here’s a cheat to find the right hue: try to match the color of the inside of your bottom lip. Weird, but it works.

6. Mistake: Being Shiny, Not Dewy

How To Correct It: Gwyneth Paltrow is in need of a blotting sheet. To help prevent shine, begin by applying a mattifying primer like Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment (bonus!). After you apply foundation, finish with a matte pressed powder. L’Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Pressed Powder keeps you shine-free for up to 16 hours. Start counting, and keep a blotting sheet handy for hour 17.

7. Mistake: Wearing The Wrong Color Foundation

How To Correct It: Demi Lovato decided to get a fake tan and forgot to get a new foundation–or her makeup artist needs a new glasses prescription. When choosing a foundation, never test it on your hand. You’re putting it on your face, so test it there. If you’re able to, apply the test shade over your entire face, then have a look at it in different lights–ideally natural sunlight. The fluorescent store lights have a tendency to warp colors. You’ll know you have the right color when it seems to disappear on your skin. The sure sign you have the wrong shade? It looks like you’re wearing a mask.

8. Mistake: Doing Statement Lips And Eyes

How To Correct It: Kristen Stewart, probably thought what most of us think: in the evening wear more makeup to look fancy. Unfortunately, statement eyes and bold lips can come off looking a bit clownish or 80s disco dancer. There’s nothing wrong with strong makeup, but only choose one feature to accentuate and keep the rest of the look simple. On the picture on the right, we see Kristen first. Then we notice her amazing green eyes, whereas, on the left, I only see red eyes and red lips.

9. Mistake: Clumpy Mascara

How To Correct It: I think Kim Kardashian shares the same philosophy about mascara as she does about product lines–you can never have enough. However, you can overdo it and wind up looking like there’s a squished spider on your eye. To prevent mascara overload, remove excess mascara from the wand before you apply it. This is particularly important on the bottom lashes. You can also use a mascara wand to separate lashes. Face Secrets Disposable Mascara Wands are cheap and sanitary.

10. Mistake: Matching Unflattering Makeup To Your Outfit

How To Correct It: Kelly Osbourne was more concerned about matching her lipstick to her jacket hair and forgot that it should actually be a flattering color. (Props to her for matching the lilac shade perfectly though). Instead of trying to Pantone match your makeup to your dress or purse, play with shades that are in the same color palette, that–and here’s the most important part–work with your skin tone. Notice how Kelly’s soft pink lip accentuates her hair and looks amazing with her complexion? Besides, matchy-matchy makeup can look a bit dated, even if you do find a flattering color.

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