How To Create A Signature Makeup Look

There are so many makeup looks and inspirations from around the world it can be hard to know where to start when looking at creating your signature makeup look. From classic French to bold and bright, there are not enough days in the year to try everything. However, you can draw from the elements you do like to create your own signature look that you can slip into whenever you feel like it.

This piece will take a look at how you can create a makeup style that is your own.

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What Exactly Is a Signature Makeup Look?

A signature makeup look will be an aesthetic that will be recognized as “very you.”  Just as some people are always known for wearing a bold lip color, others are recognized for always being fresh-faced, having an iconic winged liner, or even incorporating popular styles like Egirl makeup. This is what is meant by a signature makeup look. It defines your personal style and will essentially create your everyday makeup routine when you have it down.

What Styles Do You Love?

To create your signature style, it is worth drawing inspiration from the styles you are attracted to. If you are a big fan of makeup already, you will probably already have an idea of what particular looks you are a fan of and what styles you might like to try. If you are starting from scratch and looking to get straight to something you want to call your own, then the best way to do that is to make a collection of everything makeup that draws you in and give everything a go once.

When you start trying out new styles and looks, note how they make you feel. Do you feel confident? Beautiful? Cute? Sexy? Serious? Pay attention to your feelings so you can decide which looks are the best for you and how you want to feel.

When you have worked out what styles you like, get your hands on some theatrical makeup supplies. They are not just for the stage – they are designed to last all day!

What Finish Do You Like?

Makeup can come in three main finishes: matt, dewy, and a mixture of both. How you want your final signature look to finish will heavily involve the types of products you should use and even the application of them. If you want a matt finish, then matt foundation and face powder will be your best friends. If you want something dewy, then be sure to use lighter foundations or bb creams with a natural finish, cream products on top, and a ‘glowy’ type of setting spray to lock everything in but keep the sheen.

Focus on Your Features

Not every makeup look suits everyone, which is the same for clothes, hair color, and hairstyle. Ideally, you want to play up your best features for your signature makeup look, not downplay them. For example, if you think your eyes are your best feature, then do not draw attraction away from that by focusing on bright lip colors and vice versa. That being said, you can always switch things up if you decide you want to change the focus.

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