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How To Choose Flattering Makeup Colors Hacks.

Here are some hacks on how to choose the most flattering makeup colors and figure out whether you are warm or cool colored.

If this was the 80s, you’d be paying a ton of money for this–and you wouldn’t have a computer to bookmark the tips. Getting your colors done went out along with the linebacker shoulder pads and stirrup pants, but that doesn’t mean we lost interest in finding flattering makeup choices–or that it suddenly became easier to figure out whether that shade of yellow is warm or cool. Attempting to figure out which makeup shades flatter your skin tone, eye color, and hair color is challenging enough, and that’s before we consider the finer things like skin undertone and whether you’re a “spring” or a “summer.” Then try to find something that fits all those qualities that is adorable. No wonder my head spins every time I go into Sephora.

Here are some easy hacks for choosing your most flattering makeup colors that would make any 80s Color Me Beautiful consultant very jealous:

1. Figure Out Your Skin Tone

It might sound silly that you need a chart to know whether you have pale or dark skin, but things get confusing when you get into the subcategories. Thank goodness for the pictures.

2. Find Out Your Undertone

No skin tone and undertone aren’t the same things. If you’ve ever bought the wrong foundation, you probably didn’t consider your undertone. Lesson learned.

3. Discover Your Base

Your skin’s base is similar to the undertone and attributes to whether you are warm or cool-colored (see the next infographic for that lesson).

4. Warm Vs. Cool Colors

A bit of color theory 101. If you don’t know whether turquoise is cool or warm, how are you ever going to know whether it is flattering?

5. Warm Vs. Cool Subgroups

Depending on your skin tone (#1), you may be light warm or dark warm. Or you could be able to wear both. Lucky you.

6. Flattering Warm and Cool Colors 

Bring this next time you’re overwhelmed by the rainbow of colors at Sephora.

7. Color Seasons

It’s such a cliché that this produced by a Mother of the Bride site. Please don’t judge the information because of the source. Knowing what season you are, helps when choosing eyeshadow and lipstick shades.

8. Universally Flattering Colors

If all this talk of undertones and “clear winter” versus “cool winter” is doing your head in, just stick to one of these universally flattering shades.

9. Warm Vs. Cool Neutral Shadows

Who knew that neutrals could be warm or cool? I doubt most people knew that when they made Urban Decay’s Naked Palette sell out, but it’s nice to find another reason to love it. This diagram breaks down your most flattering shades.

10. Shadows For Your Eye Color

Want to know how to make your eyes shine bright like a diamond? These colors will make your eyes pop. (Did I just quote an old Rihanna song there?)

11. Blush Colors For Your Skin Tone

Follow this diagram, and no one will ever mistake your blush for dirt again.

12. Lipstick Colors For Your Skin Tone

There is nothing worse than a bad lipstick color–except for lipstick on your teeth.

13. Flattering Neutral Lipsticks

Matching your lipstick shade to your foundation isn’t the secret to a nude lip. Think your natural lip color but enhanced.

14. Flattering Red Lips

Red lipstick seems to confuse people more than who these celebrity wax figures are supposed to be.

15. Flattering Pink Lips

Wearing bold lipstick is easy when you understand the difference between shades. Not smearing it over your white top is still difficult, though.

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