Contouring is some advanced-level makeup technique. Everyone who is good at it seems to go through life looking like a chiseled sculpture with a perfectly symmetrical face, but it’s so easy to do wrong, and if you do it wrong you will look like a crazy disaster. (Is there anything more embarrassing than having everyone be able to see you put way too much eyeshadow in your cleavage?) But here’s a step-by-step tutorial that makes it look easy, and the results are fantastic.

Reddit user MacKenzieLaura put up a post called “Changing your face shape tutorial,” and it does not disappoint.

While she starts out already quite beautiful with an oval face and high cheekbones, she wrote that her goal with the tutorial was to use makeup to change her “oval face to a more heart shaped face with a more masculine, defined jaw line and chiseled nose.”

For the products, she says she used Motives cosmetics sculpt palette in fireAnastasia Beverly Hills contour palette in fawn, vanilla, and banana; Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in medium brown; and Nars Dolce Vita blush.

At first, it looked pretty crazy.

Changing face shape

But check out this cool technique she used to enhance the shape of her jawline:

heart shaped face

Then after a lot of blending with a small stipple brush, she wound up looking like this:

Change Your Face Shape With Just Makeup

That’s pretty impressive, and it just goes to show that makeup can do a lot. Most tutorials try to emphasize cheekbones and make faces more narrow, but this one goes in the opposite direction and enhances the jawline for a dramatic, high-fashion sort of look. Check out the full tutorial here.

Photos: Imgur

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