When it comes to lipstick, you can literally pick any shade and go frisky on your look! A lipstick lover would absolutely get what we’re talking about. But there are days when you do want to look presentable or let’s say rather sane for a work day. So, on these sober days, you will need lipsticks that suit your skin tone.

The right lip shades that suit your skin tone not only compliments your look but also elevate your feature. Let us check out a few tricks and ways in which you can pick the right lipstick shade according to your skin tone.

For Dusky Skin Tone

A dusky beauty knows her game well and when it comes to picking the perfect lipstick shades, she knows her way. But it’s completely okay if you are new in this sector of makeup, we shall help you out. So to begin with, you can pick a few deep browns and chocolate browns that are perfect for your everyday work wear. Add in a few maroons and reds for days when you would be busy at functions, weddings, and festivals. You can even keep a dark magenta or a deep burgundy in your vanity for a pop of colour.

For Medium Skin Tone

You are truly lucky if you are born with a skin tone that falls in between because you get to pick all of the best lipstick shades. But if you are looking for something that would beautifully blend in with your skin tone then you can surely add in a few pretty and perfect nude glossy lipstick shades that have a pink or brown undertone. These shades truly pop out beautifully giving your skin tone a natural glow. You can also pick a few pinks and light reds for festive occasions.

For Fair Skin Tone

For you fair ladies, even the lightest nude looks like a bomb shade! You know what we are talking about. But if you want to elevate your look and add in some colour then you should absolutely add red lipstick to your vanity. This will not only add a burst of colour, but it will also make you look fierce. Apart from this, you can add in a few nude browns with a pinkish undertone, a few pinks and definitely a mauve shade.

Since now we are sorted with all the perfect lipstick shades for your skin tone, let us check out how to actually choose these shades. 

Swatch on your lips

The best of best way to pick the perfect lipstick shade is by swatching it on your lips directly. You can always walk into a makeup store and ask for testers to swatch. Ask the beauty experts to sanitize the product before trying it and then swatch it on your lips. This will give you a clear idea of what the shade looks like and is suiting you or not.

Swatch on your palm

Certain makeup stores don’t have provisions for sanitization and in cases like these, you can swatch the lipsticks on your hand. Avoid swatching on your wrist because the skin tone of your wrist and your lips are completely different. Hence the will be a shade variation. Instead, you can swatch the shades on your palm to get a clearer look at what the shade looks like.

Refer unedited images

Certain brands do not have physical stores but they do have the perfect lipstick shades. So in situations like these, you can always refer to your favourite brand’s Instagram page and look out for images that are raw and unedited. This will give you an appropriate idea of what the shade looks like in reality.

Refer to model images with similar skin tone

Another smart way to check your favourite lipsticks virtually is by checking out models who have similar skin tones as yours. You will find such references on a brand’s Instagram handle, their Facebook account and also on shopping sites.

Choose the right texture

Choosing the right texture is very important because if the texture of the lipstick doesn’t suit your lips, then your lips would be damaged. For example, if you have dry lips then picking a non transfer lipstick would further dry out your lips if you don’t take proper care. Similarly, if you are someone who can’t seem to retain lipstick on your lips, then do avoid picking moisture lipsticks as they would wear off easily.

Check reviews before purchase

If you are buying lipstick online then the best way to check if a product is good and worth buying or not is by checking the customers’ review section. Influencer videos are cool, but real-time customer reviews are always more trustworthy because these come from real people who have actually used the product and have reviews to share. Make sure you check for both positive and negative reviews to get a clear idea.

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