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My childhood and the youth of millions of other adults have been influenced heavily by the Harry Potter series. It contains some of my favorite stories about friendship, independence, loyalty, self-discovery, loss, and love throughout its seven books, and I will always love it dearly for that. As I got older, I started seeing lots of people combine it with my other favorite childhood activity, makeup. Now, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of positively enchanting Harry Potter-themed tutorials that range from practical to inspirational to just plain works of art–perfect for all you bookworm beauty gurus!

If you’ve grabbed up all the Harry Potter accessories you can and you’re ready to head to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you should take a look at one of these fantastic step-by-step guides to achieve the most magical of makeup–or branch out and use them as inspiration for your own!

1. Ravenclaw Eyes

Best Harry Potter Themed Makeup Tutorials: Ravenclaw Eyes

The amount of detail squeezed into this Ravenclaw-themed eye makeup look is so amazing. She incorporated all the elements from that house’s crest into her look, yet somehow made it beautiful.

2. Deathly Hallows Lip Art

Deathly Hallows Lip Art

Eva Senin Pernas makes these incredible makeup designs that are way beyond just fun techniques and cool effects–they’re actual lip art. And the fake blood addition? Striking. This Deathly Hallows one is probably my favorite, but be sure to check out her DeviantArt for more of her brilliance.

3. Gold Hufflepuff Smokey Eyes

Gold Hufflepuff Smokey Eyes

This is an awesome take on the typical smokey eye, combining gold shadow towards the inner corners, black eyeshadow on the rest, and gold leaf paper at the edge for a subtle but stunning flair.

4. Harry Potter Eyes

Harry Potter Eyes

Katie Alves apparently did this after having Harry Potter-themed requests brought up so many times by her fans, and thank goodness she did–it is unbelievably cool. It’s like “Starry Night,” but with Hogwarts and in a teensy tiny set of spaces to do all her illustration.

5. Salazar Slytherin Eye Makeup

Salazar Slytherin Eye Makeup

This incredible look from LuciferIsMyDad on Instagram is luminous, eerie, and full of movement all at the same time. The scales are just entirely too cool (and so consistent!), so let’s give a round of applause to one of Instagram’s fave makeup artists, shall we? Methinks Malfoy would approve.

6. Ravenclaw Eyes

harry potter Ravenclaw Eyes makeup tutorials

Again, it is striking just how much movement can be put into eye makeup when done unconventionally. This incredible look is finished off with tiny, bright blue eye jewels and sweeping, long false eyelashes.

7. Subtle Slytherin Smokey Eye

Subtle Slytherin Smokey Eye

I’m totally loving this more subtle, yet still totally vivid, Harry Potter makeup looks from makeup artist Madame Noire. While the above eyeliner designs are all fantastic, this is a more accessible look that requires lots of blending and patience to make it just right. If you want to do a Slytherin-themed makeup look but aren’t so sure about all the liner art you’ve seen so far, give this one a try! Plus, she paired it with a black lip, making it even more wonderful, in our humble opinion.

8. Voldemort Makeup

I can’t even handle how incredible this tutorial is by Pinkstylist on YouTube. While this isn’t a look I would consider wearing out on the town, it is pure special effects magic to see how this transformation occurred. It is also terrifying, but that’s okay considering he-who-must-not-be-named is, too.

Now, for even more magical Harry Potter makeup looks!

9. Hufflepuff Eyes

This wonderful Hufflepuff tutorial by YouTube makeup artist Bobby Cohen is so much fun, and she shows you exactly how to achieve the look step-by-step!

10. Ravenclaw Eyes

Ravenclaw Eyes Makeup Tutorial

This Ravenclaw eye look by the wonderful Lally-Hime is as sharp as the residents of this house.

11. Bellatrix Lestrange Makeup

Go weird and get wild with dope2111′s classic Bellatrix video tutorial. Whether you’re dressing up as the villain for a party or just because you want to make a totally amazing impression on your Tinder date, check it out!

12. The Houses

slytherin inspired eyeshadow makeup tutorial

I couldn’t help but love this because of that crazy Gryffindor contact–now that’s a commitment to your house!

13. Bellatrix Lestrange

This Bellatrix tutorial by audfaced on YouTube is not only wonderful, it’s also a ton of fun to watch! She commits to the hair, makeup, costume, and even attitude of the character–all the things that make YouTube beauty tutorials so enjoyable.

14. All The Houses

Harry Potter Themed Makeup Tutorials: All The Houses

Let’s not leave any out! These awesome eye makeup looks by ynocencia on DeviantArt use various gradients depending on the particular house’s colors, so you can choose a different house to project any day of the week.

Now, wasn’t that fun? Go try them yourself!

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