Glitter freckles are a beauty trend that involves applying glitter to the face in a way that mimics freckles. The trend started in 2016 and has continued to gain popularity over the years. Glitter freckles are made from shiny, reflective foils, so they’re kind of chunky and kind of soft at the same time. They can be applied subtly or boldly, depending on the desired look. Glitter freckles are a fun way to add some sparkle to your makeup routine and can be a great addition to a night out. For those who are truly committed to the trend, there’s even the option of getting a glitter freckles tattoo, which offers a more permanent shimmer.

The holiday season is now nothing more than a distant memory of Christmas carols and candy canes, but that doesn’t mean that our love of glitter has disappeared. It seems like everyone just can’t get enough of glitter these days. If you have a pot of glitter, there is no limit to what you can do. The latest example of this is the glitter freckles beauty trend.

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It was only a few minutes ago that the rainbow freckle trend took over the internet. It involved using different colored eyeliners to draw fake freckles on your face. Now the trend has gotten a sparkly upgrade.

As you can probably guess, the glitter freckle trend involves using loose glitter to give you a shimmering freckled complexion. The rainbow freckle trend had people playing around with drawing freckles on different spots of their face, including their eyes, but the most popular spot for glitter freckles is on the nose and cheeks.

People are also experimenting with different types of glitter. Some are using chunky glitter that is similar in size to beauty marks, while others are using very fine glitter for a more subtle look. Some like to stick with one color, while others are continuing with the multicolored theme from the original trend. Then there are those who are using different shapes, such as stars and hearts.

Glitter Freckles is the Latest Beauty Trend
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The application is very simple. You apply a bit of Vaseline to your face where you want your glitter freckles to be, and then you just dab the glitter on top. What could be easier than that? It’s easier than applying mascara. The only time things would get a bit more complicated is if you were using chunkier glitter and wanted to arrange your glitter freckles in a particular formation so you could apply them individually, or if you used a glitter liner to draw them on.

We have seen a number of glitter trends in the past couple of months. Glitter lips popped up during the holiday season, and there were surprising glitter roots and glitter armpit trends. And, of course, we can’t forget about the glitter-dipped fingernail look of yore. The glitter freckle trend isn’t as messy as the glitter-dipped fingernail trend, and it isn’t as itchy to wear as the glitter armpit look. Plus, it is easier to remove than the glitter roots trend. There really isn’t any scrubbing involved. All you need to do is clean up the excess product with a tissue, wash your face, and remove any traces of glitter with your makeup remover.

How do you do glitter freckles?
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Are you tempted to try it? Instead of the typical red lipstick and smokey eye for Valentine’s Day, you could test out the glitter freckles trend then. If not, there is always the festival season. It will be here before we know it.

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