9 Makeup Tutorials That Make Small Lips Look Fuller And Bigger

For as much as people joke about Kylie Jenner‘s ever-growing mouth, there are a LOT of makeup tutorials floating around YouTube that prove how desirable her look really is. Full lips are sexy, full lips are dramatic, and full lips are having a huge moment in the spotlight right now. If you’re looking to become the Nicki Minaj of your friends, if you envy Angelina Jolie‘s giant smackers, or if you’re just hoping to enhance your naturally full lips, these 9 tutorials can help!

1. Kylie Jenner Inspired Lip Makeup Tutorial by Marianna Hewitt.

Kylie Jenner Inspired Lip Makeup Tutorial by Marianna Hewitt

While I’m amazed by Marianna’s skills, I can’t help but feel suspicious. She looks WAY too much like Kylie at the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if she revealed that she’s actually a long-lost Kardashian sister who just didn’t want to be on the reality shows.

2. Five Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS! by Michelle Phan.

Five Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS! by Michelle Phan

There’s a reason why Michelle is the most recognizable beauty guru in the world. This video is full of plumping ideas that you’ve probably never heard of. For instance, it’s never occurred to me that an old toothbrush could become a lip exfoliating tool!

3. How to get big full lips like Angelina Jolie! by Sara Leena.

How to get big full lips like Angelina Jolie! by Sara Leena

Sara definitely delivers on her promise to make your lips look a lot bigger. In fact, this tutorial might even work a little TOO well. I’d personally save it for a costume look, but if your face can handle a little more lip then mine can go for it!

4. How To Fake Big Lips by Desi Perkins.

How To Fake Big Lips by Desi Perkins

Even if you’re not interested in following this tutorial all the way through, the video is worth watching just to see Desi’s face completely transform. In the time that it takes to microwave a mini pizza, you can watch her mouth grow three sizes. Amazing!

5. How To Get Scarlett Johansson’s Full-Lip Look by Style.com.

How To Get Scarlett Johansson's Full-Lip Look by Style.com

Trying to live each day like I’m auditioning for the lead in a Scarlett Johansson biopic is one of my favorite pastimes. This tutorial is quick, easy, to the point, and Scarlett-licious.

6. Natural Glam Transformation by NaturallyMsToya.

Natural Glam Transformation by NaturallyMsToya

This is a really great all-over look for a special event or a night out, and Toya also has a lot of good tips for keeping your lips looking full, plump, alive, and perky.

7. Newest way to get plumper lips! by FullipsEnhancers.

Newest way to get plumper lips! by FullipsEnhancers

I’m so obsessed with watching videos about products like these. I don’t think I’d ever try it for myself (couldn’t I just suction a plastic cup around my mouth, yank it off quickly, and achieve the same results?), but it’s still really fun to watch other people do it. If you end up getting one of these, please let us know if you like it. Please.

8. How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger.

How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger by Mariah Leonard

As someone who also has a teeny tiny upper lip, I’m really grateful to Mariah for sharing her wisdom with the masses. I love that the finished product in this video is still a natural look that you could get away with wearing during the day!

9. Full lip makeup tutorial by chavezjanae9.

Full lip makeup tutorial

If you never take another piece of my advice, at least watch this video. It’s 12 seconds of your day, and you’ll come away with 1) new tips for keeping your lips looking full, 2) a little bit more faith in humanity, and 3) at least one LOL.

The Easy (And Seriously Cool) Way To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

To say that sculpting, highlighting, and shading products are having a moment is an understatement. The beauty industry is saturated with contouring products. One, however, stands out from the crowd: Topshop’s new Lip Ombre.

The dual compact, which is available in four vibrant, summery shades, is designed to give lips more dimension while also providing a fun, textured look.

According to makeup artist Hannah Murray, who used the product at the Topshop Unique Spring show to create a “just-kissed” effect, the key to keeping the look fresh is all in the application. Instead of using a lip brush to create precise lines, pat it on—starting with the top, deeper color—with your finger for a diffused, imperfect finish. Once you’ve applied the base color, add the second, more matte shade in the center of both the top and bottom lip, blending softly.

The two-dimensional finish adds fullness and an eye-catching quality, yet the effect is subtle in that it doesn’t look like you did anything weird to your lips.

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