These days when you walk into a salon, it’s not just for a facial, waxing, or hair. Apart from new and exciting treatments on offer such as a full spa treatment nails or fake tanning, the latest craze is eyelash extensions.

Gone are the days of pulling and pinching the eyelashes in painful eyelash devices. Each individual lash is glued into place with an adjoining eyelash. It is painless and lasts up to 6 weeks. Allow the glue to dry, which only takes a few moments and off you go, ready to flutter those beauties at passing admirers.

Thinking About Eyelash Extensions? Here's What You Should Know

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are often called hair extensions for your lashes. Your lashes will look longer, thicker, and fuller. They are applied in salons by specially trained staff and create a long-lasting, glamorous look. The extensions can last from about six to eight weeks and look very real.

There are three types of extensions: silk, mink, and synthetic. There are different sizes, from approximately 6mm to 17mm, depending on how bold a look you want. The lashes are attached one at a time using a specifically formulated, semi-permanent adhesive that does not cause any harm to your real lashes. However, allergic reactions are possible, and there are different types of glue based on your sensitivity level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extensions

How Long Does it Take to Apply Them?

Applying a full set for the first time takes about two hours, and can be maintained all year with touch-ups every three to four weeks.

Are Extensions Safe to Use?

Yes, your technician is specially trained, and your eyes are closed the entire time. The worse thing that can happen is that you need to go to the eye doctor to get drops to treat an allergic reaction, but this is a rare occurrence.

For the majority of the population, eyelash extensions will cause no problems. The major source of any problems would be the glue they are applied with. Like any glue that touches skin anywhere on your body, there is always the risk of contact dermatitis, an irritation which flares up and will necessitate the removal of the eyelash extension before further damage can occur.

Increased pigmentation at the lid margin, which is where the mascara is often applied, has also occurred, as well as discoloration of the iris to a brown color. These are all temporary side effects and are almost always fully reversible.

Those who suffer from allergies that cause the eyes to continuously water or get irritated should also consider another alternative for extending their natural eyelashes.

While it may not be the process of applying the extensions itself that will cause a problem, the constant irritation and rubbing at the eyes means the treatment will not last very long, and adding bits of glue falling into or around already sensitive eyes may cause further stinging or skin irritation.

Does it hurt?

No, you should not have any discomfort during the application. If you start to tear up and experience any discomfort, tell your salon technician. Your technician may need to use a different glue. Getting eyelash extensions should be a totally pain-free process.

How long do they last?

The eyelash extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending upon your lifestyle and activity level. Your extensions will last longer if you avoid swimming and keeping eyes wet for extended periods.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Rolling out of bed looking like you already have mascara on is sexy and appealing, and they look incredibly real. As long as safety precautions are taken, you can attain this glamorous look year-round. They can be a bit pricey, ranging from $200 to $500 for the initial application, not including future touch-ups. But considering the cost of most cosmetic procedures these days, this is a non-evasive simple application that leaves you feeling and looking beautiful.

Where can I get Eyelash Extensions

Salon Versus At-Home?

A professional cosmetician like Diva Lash is always going to be better at applying eyelash extensions than most at-home users. They will usually be able to apply the extensions on clients with more precision and more securely to help them look their best and last as long as possible.

There are some at-home eyelash extensions kits. While these are similar or identical to the products that professionals use, the problem comes from the fact that it’s very difficult to apply precise movements on your own eyelashes. The biggest concern comes from the risk of getting glue in your eyes.

As discussed above, the glue will almost certainly not be a lasting safety concern. Still, it will cause irritation and sensitivity over the short-term, and it will be an unpleasant experience.

Some people split the difference and have a friend apply extensions to them, which has the advantage of being able to keep your eyes safely closed the entire time. Of course, the risk will be least with a seasoned stylist, but with practice, most people can at least apply extensions to others.

Salon Versus At-Home?

Salon Vilero Lash & Brow in Austin is your answer for longer, thicker, and more beautiful eyelashes for your special occasion!

Salon Vilero Lash & Brow will help you capture the spotlight and exude confidence on your special day! Eyelash extensions simulate your natural lashes and are only applied by a trained and certified eyelash extension artist. Eyelash extensions are not eyelash strips or flares and are safe and comfortable to wear. With routine touch-ups every three to four weeks, you will have amazing eyelashes forever! Next to your fiancé and your dress, getting eyelash extensions will be the best thing you do for yourself on your wedding day!

Many women barely have time to apply mascara, and it takes much longer to apply fake eyelashes. Who has time for that! More and more women are turning to eyelash extensions to create a glamorous look and save precious morning time.


Beyond the minor safety factors mentioned above, the fact is that even the best extensions will not last longer than a month or two before you will need a touch-up since the extensions fall out as your natural lashes fall out.

Who Is a Good Fit for Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelashes The Fluttering Beauties

If you have thin or short natural lashes and are looking to go to a special event such as a family wedding where you will probably do better to go with the eyelash extensions, they have immediate results unlike other products designed to grow your own lashes, which can take months to work.

Often people find they lose their lashes over time, or due to an accident or illness, these natural eyelashes may not be able to grow back in very well. Adding eyelash extensions allows a person to have the look they desire without anyone knowing they are not real.

On the other hand, those people who have no eyelashes or brittle lashes will not find eyelash extensions a good option. Since extensions are placed on existing lashes, there needs to be healthy natural eyelashes to support the additional weight of the extensions. Luckily, false eyelashes can solve this problem perfectly, so having thick lashes is still completely doable.

Are There Reasons Not to Have Eyelash Extensions?

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe to Use?

All things come with pros and cons, but when something like eyelash extensions becomes so popular, there is no doubt that the pros exceed by far any cons. Of course, there are a couple of risks involved, but then again, nothing is for free or risk-free. Most women find the costs and the risks involved by the eyelash extensions worth taking. And how could they not, when after one or two hours they look at themselves in the mirror, and they cannot believe their eyes.

Eyelash extensions make their eyes look bigger, their look intense, and their expression mysterious and provocative, all with a really natural aspect.

But let us get back to the reasons not to have eyelash extensions. Most women are bothered by the following restrictions:

  • Eye-rubbing – it can cause the extensions to fall off.
  • Using eye drops and ointment that may cause the lashes to clump.
  • Very curly eyelashes – extensions are very difficultly glued to them.
  • Being glued one by one to the natural lashes, extensions need to be applied by a professional, and the procedure takes up to two hours.
  • The cost of having eyelash extensions applied is quite high. Going up to a few hundred dollars, depending on the quality of the extensions, on the type of glue used, and on the reputation of the cosmetician applying the extensions.
  • Extensions are a temporary solution. They usually last for 2 or three months, but they require touch-up sessions every month or so.
  • Touch-up sessions involve considerable costs and time.
  • The natural lashes often get damaged due to the content of the glue, to the weight of the extensions, or during the removal procedures.
  • The aftercare instructions for the eyelash extensions are time-consuming.
  • Wearing eyelash extensions means saying goodbye to the sauna or hot springs and waterproof mascara.

Of course, there are also people saying that beauty should be 100 % natural. They compare eyelash extensions to silicone implants, and they condemn women using them, arguing that extensions made of human hair encourage human exploitation, while the synthetic extensions damage the environment.

How to Applying Eye Lash Extensions

Caring for your Eyelash Extensions

How to apply eyelash extensions is the entire rave in Hollywood. The celebrities have discovered that changing your eyelashes has a breathtaking impact on your looks.

Having fuller, thicker, darker, longer lashes draw attention to your eyes and your face.

What Are Eyelashes Made of?

Human hair lashes are more expensive than synthetic fibers but are more natural-looking. There are different types of synthetic fibers from the cheap and not so cheap. Again the choice of lashes comes down to your budget. If you decide to go with synthetic lashes, then get the ones which look more natural rather than the cheapest option.

Who Will Apply Them?

When it comes to the application of your lashes, you have two choices. You can get them done professionally, which is more expensive or do it yourself, which is cheaper.

If you decide to go for the professional option, you could be paying anywhere from $250 – $500. The whole procedure usually lasts about 1 to 2hrs, and it is simple and painless.

Below is a checklist you can use to determine how to get the best technician for you.

  • Are they qualified?
  • Do they have a certificate?
  • Do they have experience of applying the lashes you are interested in?
  • How long have they been applying eyelashes for?
  • Do they have any before and after images of previous clients?
  • What type of adhesive glue do they use?
  • Does the adhesive glue give off any odor?

It is always a good idea to get a patch test done of the glue adhesive to see if you are sensitive to it.

You can always apply the lashes yourself using a home kit. This is a much cheaper option. The kits come with full instructions, and if followed carefully, you should have no problems applying the eyelash extensions.

The trickiest part is getting the adhesive glue evenly on the lashes before bonded them to your eyelash.

What are eyelash extensions? Just like your favorite shiny red lip gloss and spectacular pair of boots, they are a must-have beauty accessory.

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