Eyelash Extension Tips

Everyone wants to look their best. One of the first things that are noticed are your eyes. You want to enhance them to their maximum. A great way is to extend their length. Sure, you can use mascara but that can get messy and needs to be repeated daily.

A better way is to choose eyelash extensions in Austin. These are synthetic fibers that look exactly like natural eyelashes. They are lightweight and comfortable. Since they are applied one at a time, they thicken your lash line without looking like false eyelashes. A professional will adhere them with a special glue so that they will become semi-permanent.

All of this means that you will look your eye-loveliest all day without spending extra time with mascara and curling. You won’t need to fool around attaching and adjusting false eyelashes.  You are ready to go at any time.  Think of all the time you will save on your beauty regimen!

The Eyelash Extension Process

At a Beauty Bar here in Austin, one of our professional stylists will work with you to design the best shape and color for you that will provide the custom look to suit your brows as well as overall face shape. The first session will include completing all the necessary paperwork and a consultation.  Then it will take about two hours to apply the lash extensions. They will last for six to eight weeks before they leave your lid, just like natural lashes do. At that point you can return to our shop and have our stylist fill in as the old lashes disappear, so you are never without lush eyelashes.

Because this is a relatively recent process, there is little information available but all indications are that lash extensions are safe. There is some information that with the extra weight, natural lashes may start to fall out, but that seems quite remote at this time. Mostly that would be due to improper applications. Since our stylists are so meticulous, we have not seen anything of this sort in our operation.

Eyelash Extension Options

Our stylists follow the latest trends but you will find we always put our clients first. Some individuals come in thinking they want some extreme lashes. We will discuss the options and make the best decision for your face and lifestyle. We want you to look your best at all times and have found that the most natural look is best.

Lashes come in different materials including synthetic mink or synthetic silk. The prices vary but you may find that we are respectful of your budget.

When you come in for the application, we ask that you do so without any eye makeup. That means no shadow, liner, or mascara. We ask that you wash your face thoroughly before coming to our shop.  Anything on your lids can affect the outcome of the lash extensions and we want you to be completely satisfied.

If all of this sounds appealing, just give our beauty bar a call or arrange for an appointment through this website. We are happy to answer all your questions and can even arrange for a consultation prior to your application appointment.

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