11 Eyebrow Grooming Hacks For Perfect Brows For Your Face
11 Eyebrow Grooming Hacks For Perfect Brows For Your Face. (Photo: Getty Images).

Check out these 11 eyebrow grooming hacks that will help you get the perfect arches for your face.

Eyebrows are so hot right now. Blame Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins, but thick, sculpted, perfect eyebrows are everywhere, and they’re fabulous. If your eyebrows aren’t naturally quite so perfect (whose are?), check here for some quick solutions to the most common eyebrow problems. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to play with all the fun makeup Sephora has to offer.

Check out these 11 eyebrow hacks that will help you get the perfect arches for your face.

1. The “golden ratio”

Tips For Eyebrow Beauty Expertise

If you’re not sure how to shape your eyebrows into the most conventionally attractive arch, try following Anastasia Soare’s lines for the “golden ratio.”

2. Eyebrows for your face shape

How To Choose The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

Like bangs, blush, and hairstyles, eyebrows evidently depend on your face shape. This is good to know, even if it means you will be stuck measuring your face in the mirror for the next two hours to figure out if you’re an oval, heart, diamond, or dodecahedron.

3. How to pluck eyebrows painlessly

How to Painlessly Pluck Your Brows

Plucking eyebrows isn’t painless, but it can be nearly so. Michelle Phan’s tips are excellent, including putting a warm washcloth over your eyebrow first or plucking directly after showering or washing your face. The warm water helps let you pluck without feeling any of it.

4. How to use eyebrow stencils

How To Use Eyebrow Stencils Like a Pro

If you want your eyebrows perfectly symmetrical, a lot of people like to use these stencils. They’re pre-formed in “perfect” eyebrow shapes, so there’s no risk of screwing up as long as you stay within the lines. Running into another person with the same eyebrows is just a risk you’ll have to take.

5. Which eyebrow stencils to use?

Eyebrow Stencils - Anastasia Beverly Hills

If—having seen the tutorial above and liked the results—you decide to use stencils, these are a popular brand. You can also make your own with a bit of plastic and an X-acto knife.

6. What kind of brow makeup is best for you?

Brow Basics

There are more kinds of brow makeup out there than one might think. I thought I was pretty much a master of brow care, but I hadn’t even heard of a brow pen before this.

7. How to use brow makeup

DIY Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial

Once you have all the tools and your eyebrows have been shaped to your liking, here’s how to use all those weird pastes and putties to make your eyebrows look like Megan Fox’s.

8. Please note the “blend” step

How to Get the Perfect Brows

A lot of eyebrow tutorials skip that step, and you will wind up with a Lily Collins version of the drawn-on eyebrow, which is no more attractive than the skinny parentheses versions.

9. Eyebrow makeup for redheads

Redhead Eyebrow Makeup

Most eyebrow makeup info is for brunettes. Advice like, “use your leftover mascara to groom and darken your brows,” sounds so easy but is totally not useful for those of us whose brows are auburn at best. Special redhead eyebrow makeup is a necessity.

10. How to dye your eyebrows at home

Darkening Your Eyebrows

Not going to lie; this one scares me a little bit. But if you’re really, really careful, this Pinterest hack says you can darken your own eyebrows at home.

11. Eyebrows for blondes

Blondes have eyebrows, too. And not all of them have eyebrows like Cara Delevingne. This tutorial is particularly well-suited to blondes with light eyebrows. 

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