If you weren’t born with thick eyelashes, you’ve probably tried all the false eyelashes in an attempt to make your natural lashes a millimeter longer. We understand – it can be maddening. No matter how hard you try or use a product, those thin, short lashes will never be as thick as you desire.

The obvious option is fake lashes. Nothing provides so much volume and length than a pair of reusable false eyelashes. They are easy to apply, easy to wear, easy to remove, and are generally acceptable to everyone.

Will Fake Lashes Damage Your Real Lashes?

If you have been considering using fake lashes to lengthen and increase the volume of your eyelashes, you may be wondering whether false eyelash strips can harm, damage, or even destroy your natural eyelashes. This may be a terrible thought-after all, you may feel that your eyelashes are sparse at the beginning! We are always ready to help you. We have been providing (and using) our high-quality false eyelashes for a minute, we fully understand the secret of false eyelashes. You can treat the Appearanz team as your besties. We will share all our internal information with you so you don’t have to waste time researching the latest eyelash trends.

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However, you may have heard external rumors that fake lashes will damage your real eyelashes. This rumor may make you hesitant to try false eyelashes or avoid them altogether. This is completely understandable!

If you apply your false eyelashes correctly and remove them safely. Congratulations! The false lashes won’t ruin your real lashes. In fact, they didn’t really interfere with them at all. False lashes, when applied correctly, are placed directly above the natural lash line on the eyelid. Although mascara sometimes sticks to natural lash roots, it is completely safe and gentle, so you won’t have to worry about hurting them.

If you are still concerned about whether false eyelashes are really safe, we are here to support you. We’ll discuss how false eyelashes work, including how to apply and remove them, and how you can trust them to be safe. We are happy to answer these questions for you. You can safely use striped lashes without risking your own natural lashes and without worrying about messing up the application.

strip lashes vs individual lashes

The application also plays an important role in the use of false eyelashes. As long as you are careful, you can be ready for both personal and professional use. Whether you’re looking for a natural look or a supermodel look, these false lashes are perfect for a night out or even daily errands to add an extra fun *pop* of allure.

Fake eyelashes are really simple to apply. After applying them once or twice, you will have confidence in the application and be able to use them quickly and easily.

Come to Appearanz and find more best fake lashes!

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