Evolution Of Mexican Beauty Has Tons Of Beauty Inspiration
Evolution Of Mexican Beauty Has Tons Of Beauty Inspiration

I have good news, beauty history lovers. The awesome people at Cut have just released a new video in their 100 Years of Beauty series. For those who haven’t discovered the interesting makeup history lessons, each video focuses on a different ethnicity and/or country and shows how hair and makeup trends have changed during the last century. The latest video focuses on the evolution of Mexican beauty from the 1910s to modern times, and it is fascinating.

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Some people may not be as familiar with Mexican beauty trends compared to others, such as the Korean skincare obsession, so this minute-and-a-half video is the perfect induction to Mexico’s beauty history. The various looks are showcased on one model, Reyna. We see her transform from a very natural 1910 look with braided pigtails to a 1920s flapper to a colorful 1980s look with a major side ponytail. Check it out:

In previous videos, we’ve seen the evolution of Korean beauty, Iranian beauty, and a comparison of white and black beauty trends. With all of the videos, it’s interesting to see how different places adapted to different trends, such as the 1920s flapper lip with skinny brows and short hair or the glamorous 1950s red lip.

One thing that you definitely notice a difference throughout the decades in this video is the eyebrow shapes, particularly in the earlier decades. The eyebrow trend started off strong then completely changed to thin, drawn-on brows during the 1920s and 1930. The 1940s and 1950s marked the return of the bold brows. Then they began enhancing them in the later decades. In the 2000s, you can almost see a hint of eyebrows on fleek. If you’re debating about switching up your brows, this video is a great resource for some eyebrow inspiration.

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