Crystal lip art is a beauty trend where tiny crystals, liquid lipstick, and metallic liquid lip color are used to make designs that look like they came from nature. It has become popular on Instagram and is expected to become even more popular in the future.

Remember when geode cakes became the thing on Instagram after galaxy macarons and rainbow bagels? Geode cakes were cool, unique, and mesmerizing to look at.

Well, now the look has been given a beautiful twist to satisfy all makeup lovers. Crystal lips are the latest thing blowing up on Instagram, and they are as stunning as any multi-tiered wedding cake.

Makeup artists use lipsticks, pigments, mini crystals, and glitter to create a geode-like look on their puckers. Simply by switching up the placement and the colors, they can create everything from an amethyst finish to a quartz one.

One of the purveyors of the trend is makeup artist Johannah on @beyou.byjoh. She created magical gemstone looks using liquid lipsticks and Mehron pigments.

Makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet is another one who is helping to make us obsessed with the finish. In one Instagram post, she explains that she recreates the Pyrite look using cut-up sequins and glitter to achieve the distinct uneven effect.

Are crystal lips something that you could eat with? No, probably not. Even drinking through a straw would prove to be challenging. That being said, rocking lip art is something that you cannot help but want to try. Just look at how mesmerizing it is.

How to do crystal lip art

Crystal lip art involves combining a color medium, heavy glitter, and a thick clear gloss to create designs inspired by nature. To do crystal lip art, make sure your lips are hydrated with balm, then combine the three elements to create the desired look. Because of the work of makeup artist Johannah Adams, crystal lip art has become popular on Instagram.

Crystal lip art designs

Crystal lip art is a beautiful beauty trend that uses small crystals, liquid lipstick, and metallic liquid lip color to make mesmerizing designs. Popular designs include glitter, crystals, ombre and marble, pressed flowers, and intricate drawings.

If you still haven’t decided what you’re going to be for Halloween, why not try a geode lip look? No one else will probably have the same idea as you, and you still have over a month to practice it. Grab some pigment and glitter, and get busy.

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