The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin
The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin. (Photo Credit: Instagram via @nicolecmackenzie).

Now that winter is here and cold and flu season is upon us, I need some help finding the right products to deal with my dry, red skin.

Since it’s been so unseasonably warm all winter in New York City, I haven’t had to go through my annual ritual of switching out my makeup for my more winter-friendly products. It’s actually been pretty great—it saves me a lot of time in the morning, and I haven’t had to go through the days-long process of getting used to new products, which in turn has been great for my skin. But now, winter is finally here, and with it came what every New Yorker fears: a cold that never goes away, thanks to the mystical petri dish that is the subway system.

So yeah, my nose and the surrounding area (my whole face…?) is currently pulling a Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer if Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer were disgustingly dry and sensitive and not Santa’s adorable Chief Reindeer. Having gone to school in upstate New York, where it snows pretty consistently from October to March, I’m used to it. But at least when I was in school, I could forgo wearing makeup to class to avoid trying to pat makeup onto my basically on-fire skin. Now, as an editor with important things to do (and as someone who often reviews makeup for the Internet), going makeup-free isn’t exactly an option.

THIS IS NOT CUTE, Y’ALL. And it hurts. But it’s mostly the not-cute thing that concerns me.

Normally, I’d just sack up and deal with the mild tingling sensation I feel whenever I try to put concealer on my nose, but seeing as it all comes off anyway due to the fact that I’m blowing my nose every five minutes, I realize that I may need to make a change. So, here’s where you come in: what makeup do you use on your sensitive winter skin? Do you have a skincare regimen or moisturizer that calms everything down? Do you know of a concealer or foundation that actually stays on throughout the day no matter how many boxes of tissues you go through? If so, please share your knowledge with me in the comments below! The situation is becoming dire.

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