6 Common Eyelash Care Mistakes to Avoid

Your eyelashes are way more important than you think. They make you look more attractive as well as provide protection from certain infections, dust, pollution, and pollen present in the air.

This makes it essential for you to adopt healthy eyelash care habits and to avoid unhealthy ones. When it comes to eyelash care, there are some things that most people do without realizing that it is hurting this important feature of their face.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most common eyelash care mistakes that people make. Read this article till the end to find out what these are so that you too can enjoy longer, healthy-looking, and feeling eyelashes.

Here are common eyelash care mistakes that you need to avoid

1. Curling After Applying Mascara

Applying mascara and then curling can literally cause so much damage to the eyelashes and even the hair follicle that is responsible for their growth. Mascara hardens your skin and that increases the chances of eyelash breakage.

So, always remember to curl your eyelashes first and then apply the mascara. This will make sure your whole face looks great and you don’t have to go with fake eyelashes that are extremely uncomfortable and risky.

2. Using Expired Beauty Products

Make sure to replace your eyeliner and mascara after every three months tops. Always keep in mind to highlight the expiration dates of the eyelash care products and do not use these once that period is over.

Using such expired products is risky for both your eyelashes and your eyes. So, we urge you strongly to keep expired products away from your eyelashes for their better health and longer life.

3. Applying Eyelash Extensions Wrongly

This is one of the main causes of ruined eyelashes and hair follicles. Using overly extended and heavier eyelashes is only going to hurt your eyes and that is not worth anything.

Make sure to go to a reputable salon and figure out what size and length of eyelashes will be best for you and then decide accordingly. 15 mm is the most common length eyelash extension which is both harmless and most effective for most people.

4. Removal of False Eyelashes

Some people tend to rip the eyelashes off to remove them after a night out. Though this process is a bit quicker and easier, it is deadly for your natural lashes. It can destroy them from their roots which can lead to permanent damage.

You can use a Q-tip and soak it in some oil bases cleanser. You can apply this to the lash line and that will loosen the adhesive. After that gently pull from the middle of the false lashes and you are good to go.

5. Sharing Makeup Products

Eyelash makeup products or any other product for that matter, should not be shared since it is the easiest way for the germs to travel from someone else’s skin to yours. Products like mascara or eyeliner have a wet formula and their containers are ideal for germs and bacterial procreation.

So, we suggest you avoid sharing these products and only use natural and healthy lash care products like a vegan lash serum.

6. Heating Excessively

If you tend to blow dry or use heated eyelash curlers a lot, we have got bad news for you. Heat dries your skin cells and deprives them of vitality. This means your hair gets weaker and can easily fall from your lashes even with little friction.

So, we suggest you keep the use of such devices to a minimum so that your eyelashes stay strong from the foundation.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most common eyelash care mistakes that most people make without knowing their consequences. If you too are in the habit of indulging in one or more of such activities, we suggest you stop at once so that you don’t accidentally ruin your lashes for good.

We really hope this information helps you take better care of your eyelashes and we wish you lots of luck in learning and applying better eyelash care practices. 

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