Colored Eyeliner Hacks

Black eyeliner is great for every day but if you really want to make your eyes pop, try one of these colored liner ideas.

Black liner is a makeup bag staple. You probably own at least three different types. You can try all of the different eyeliner shapes you want, but a black liner will never make your eyes pop the way a colorful liner look can. Even just a small flick can wake up your face and brighten your whole eye area. Plus, the colorful liner is a lot easier to pull off than a bold eyeshadow look.

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Here are 13 colorful liner hacks that guarantee all the focus will be on your peepers:

1. Graphic Liner With Blue Accent

Graphic Winged Liner

Don’t be intimidated by the super thick feline flick. It’s only on the outer corners of your eyes, so it won’t look like you’re nursing two black eyes. The blue pencil nicely contrasts the thick black liquid liner.

2. Blue And Purple Ombre Liner

Blue To Purple Ombre Liner

Sometimes one color just isn’t enough. On the days when you want even more color, try this subtle blue to purple cat-eye.

3. Double Turquoise Liner

Double Turquoise Liner

Here’s a look if you’re intimidated by complicated liner shapes and multiple colors on your eyes. The two-liner colors are so close; they will look like one shade from a distance.

4. Blue Mascara And Liner

Blue Liner And Mascara

If you love a matching look as much as Kim Kardashian loves contouring, you’ll like this royal blue liner with matching mascara on the bottom lashes. To get an exact match, use a liquid liner on your lid, then carefully color in your bottom lashes with it.

5. Liner Pairings

how to match lip liner to lips

If you want to mix and match your liners but aren’t sure what colors will work best together, here are a few to get you started. Note that you can never go wrong with adding a bit of shimmery gold shadow.

6. Double Blue And Black Liner

Double Blue BLack Liner

Black liner addicts will be pleased that you can still use your favorite shade with this double liner look. The way the bright color sweeps from the outside to inside the waterline is different than than the traditional layered liner look.

7. Yellow To Red Ombre Liner

Yellow To Red Cat Eye Eyeliner

Instead of your red lipstick being the accent on your face, make your red and gold liner the statement. Or you can always wear them both together.

8. Lower Lash Line Accent

Colored Liner Lower Lashline Accent

Wear your favorite black eye pencil around the perimeter of your eye, then make a sweeping line on your bottom lash line, extending beyond the corners of your eyes. Lots of lashes are optional.

9. Rainbow Liner

rainbow liquid eyeliner

There are so many great rainbow makeup ideas. This is one of the more subtler ones. Remember it the next time you’re going out.

10. Multicolored Flecked Liner

Colorful Flecked Liner

Forget #eyebrowsonfleek, here’s #eyelineronfleck. It might look complicated, but it’s simple to do. Draw your base with a light shade, then apply random dots and shapes using different colors.

11. Subtle Rainbow Liner

Subtle Rainbow Liner

If you loved the distinct ROYGBV look but aren’t ready for that quite yet, this is a slightly softer look. Baby steps.

12. Colorful Cutout Liner

Colorful Cutout Liner

Who said that your feline flick has to be one solid color? Add some color with a cutout and pastel double line. If you want more drama, add another color of your bottom lash line.

13. Contrasting Flick Liner

Contrasting Flick Liner

Here’s another cat-eye variation. Apply your black liner on your upper lash line but don’t extend it out. Grab another color to make the feline flick and tie it in by adding another dash to your lower lash line. Line the rest of your lower lash line with another pencil.

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