Christmas Tree Brows Are The Latest Bold Eyebrow Trend
(Photo: @smoothwax)

Forget the 12 Days of Christmas. The updated title should be the 12 Days of Christmas beauty trends. It seems like there is a new festive beauty brand for almost every day in December. We’ve seen candy cane liner, Santa hat brows, bauble brows, and mulled wine hair, but the holiday beauty trends just keep on coming. This time, the internet is getting into the festive spirit with Christmas tree brows.

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Like some of the other bold brow trends, this one involves a lot of eyebrows gel. It sees makeup artists using gel to part their brow hairs on opposite sides to form the “branches” of their “Christmas trees.” Brows are then decorated with mini diamantes to mimic ornaments. The finishing touch is a star applied on the inside corner of the brow.

Some people prefer to leave their brow hair all-natural, while others like to take the Christmas tree look to the next level by coloring their brows green.

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We’ve seen a few different interpretations of the look, but the trend started to go viral after Instagrammer @taytay_xx shared a photo on Insta and a YouTube video of how to create the look.

If you’re looking to add some more holiday joy into your look, you can don your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, some holiday nail art and give the Christmas tree brow look a try.

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