We look forward to seeing pretty much any show from Fashion Month. They all have amazing things. Whether it’s budget-friendly fashion, we can actually copy, or something completely unexpected, like the giant hairballs at the Rick Owens show. One show that we always look forward to during Paris Fashion Week is the Chanel show. We don’t want the festivities to end, but Chanel always closes the busy month on a high note with its spectacular sets, drool-worthy clothes, a killer front row, and fun beauty looks. This year was no exception, particularly in the beauty department.

Chanel didn’t look too far for beauty inspiration for the Fall show at Paris Fashion Week—the team looked at the new collection. That’s not too different from what most designers and beauty teams do.

However, the inspiration didn’t just come from the collection’s mood or a predominant color in the line: the team was inspired by texture. Genius Makeup artist Tom Pecheux translated Chanel’s iconic quilted bag into an eye makeup look. Would you expect anything less from the brand, which somehow found a way to make Cara Delevingne‘s brows more prominent?

From far away, the quilted eye makeup look is hardly perceptible. You might think that models are just wearing soft gray smokey eyes. When you get closer and see the quilting, you might think the actual fabric has been applied to the eye area.

Vogue reported that Tom and his team used black magic pigment in select areas to create the quilting effect on the eyes. The rest of the face was kept natural, so the eyes were the focus of the look. A whisper of peach blush on the cheeks and a soft rose lip completed the look.

If you’re tempted to go buy some fishnet material for a quilting template and some black pigment, you’re not alone. The quilted eyeshadow may not be the most wearable beauty look we have seen at Fashion Month, but it’s too fun not to try at least once. And you know it’s only a matter of time before Chanel favorite Kristen Stewart tries out the look and makes us want to copy it that much more.

The average person may not be able to afford one of Chanel’s quilted bags, but they can still get a bit of Chanel quilting in their life thanks to the beauty look. All you need is some black makeup, a reasonably steady hand, and about 15 minutes. If you want to add a Chanel logo into the mix, go for it. Bonus points if you figure out a way to incorporate the brand’s iconic chain strap into the look as well.

(Photos: Getty Images)

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