Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions

Can you curl eyelash extensions? Yes & No, perplexing right? You can curl your natural lashes while donning falsies with the help of a curler. But your lashes are only safe as long as you bend them at the base of where the extensions are applied. If you try and exert pressure above your lash line, this could damage your expensive extensions and natural wisps.

When you try to change the preset curl more than required, your lashes may break easily. This will cause your pretty wings to fall out and ultimately give you a hard time getting the look you want! Consult your lash tech to understand what you are doing and prevent structural damage.

How To Keep Lash Extensions Curled?

1. Using a Heated Eyelash Curler

What can be better than having a heated eyelash curler for those expensive delicate hair? It can be a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry and need a quick bounce for those flat falsies. Quick and easy, yet the best.

  • Thoroughly cleanse your lashes. Make sure there is no dirt or impunity clogged in the lash strands.
  • Comb your lashes gently to prevent any clumping.
  • Allow your lashes to air dry completely, as the wet lashes won’t hold the curling effect.
  • Turn on the lash curler.
  • Once the heating area is warm enough to style, press your lashes against the curling pad with a light hand.
  • Use your curling wand to brush your lashes simultaneously.
  • Make sure you don’t place the curler at the base of your fake extensions, as it would spoil the lash bond.
  • Lift, twist, or mold the curler according to the dramatic effect you want to create.
  • Keep the heat constant for three to ten seconds to lock in the final look.
  • If you want a firmer curl, repeat this process three times.
  • Flaunt your lashes’ curves with style!

2.   Using a Mechanical Eyelash Curler

Yes, it is possible to curl your lash extensions using a standard mechanical curler, but only if it is of premium quality. It has a body of stainless steel frame with gentle padding that helps in giving the lashes a lift from the base without tugging or pulling them.

  • Ensure the glue is set nicely and the extensions are firmly attached to your natural lashes.
  • After the glue has dried, put the curler at an angle against the base of the lash line carefully.
  • Squeeze your hands gently, then slowly move the pressure along the edges of your lashes.
  • Don’t use too much strength, and ensure you are not pulling the strands you pressed earlier while taking the curler forward.
  • Repeat the process by pressing the curler against the lash line and slowly moving it towards the edges.

3.   Using a Warm Toothbrush

  • Warm up a toothbrush by dipping it in a bowl of warm water. Let it dry.
  • Let hot water flow from a tap as you keep the toothbrush’s bristles under it.
  • Shake off the excess water, and pat it dry with a neat towel.
  • Make sure the brush is clean and unused.
  • Brush your lashes, and curl them up at the edges with the tip of the bristles.
  • Hold the lashes gently against the brush to warm the curls.
  • Hold it for ten seconds to answer the maximum curl. If you are not getting the desired effect, heat the brush again.
  • Coat your lashes in mascara to hold and amplify the curling effect.

4.   Using a Spoon

  • Immerse a metal spoon for 3 to 5 minutes in a bowl of warm water. You can do this with a glass or mug too.
  • Make sure it is a teaspoon or a coffee spoon to fit on your lashes perfectly.
  • Place the spoon’s curved side on your eyelid. Before doing this, ensure the heat is optimal for your skin, or you can hurt yourself.
  • Hold yoru lashes on the curve of the spoon with a finger.
  • Apply a gentle force on the lashes against the curvature of the spoon.
  • Hold in for ten seconds.
  • Lock the look in place with your favorite mascara!
  • Ensure the mascara is waterproof, and apply more coats to seal the curl.
  • If the product clumps, comb it with a brush to remove excess formula.

What do you need to curl eyelash extensions?

Lash Extension Primer

When we talk about all things eyelashes, your makeup vanity has to have an eyelash extension primer if you are dreaming about longer, curvier, lasting eyelashes. Not only does it ensure faster attachment, but it also enhances bonding and longer retention. No need to worry if your skin is a tank of oil, for this will prime up your cuticles and suck all the extra fat!

As this process removes residue and impurities from the client’s lashes, this process is embraced by many lash lovers. Allantoin is a herbal extract found in the roots of mother earth, and it has been incorporated into this primer to increase adhesion and give your lashes some much-needed TLC!

Disposable eyelash comb/brush

Who wants to get their hands dirty when you are pampering your eyelashes? No one. So, a disposable eyelash comb must comb your lash strands to keep them separated. This will prevent ugly clumping and add definition to their appearance and strength.


How wonderful will it be if you have an extra tool handy, just to have more precision and control while taming your fluttery lashes? Tweezers are a must-have beauty essential tool to help serve this purpose. And they just fit anywhere, and everywhere! You should adequately sterilize and sanitize these tools between customers because you don’t want to drive them away!

Heated eyelash curler

If you want to put your lashes on pause mode, so they stay flirtatiously curved without budgeting, invest in something more substantial, like an excellent heated lash curler. You don’t have to be rough on yoru lashes or tug them in any way. There is no metal body squeezing the life out of your lashes.

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

A good or branded lash curler like the Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler pampers your lashes in ways regular eyelash curlers can’t. It comes in steel rose gold ergonomic design and flatters all eye shapes seamlessly. The curler possesses calibrated hinges, which exert gentle pressure throughout your lashes to give them a sultry lifting action.

Eye gel pads

They act as your safety net when dealing with sensitive areas of your skin, like the eye region. Clients may be offered eye pads because they give off a cooling effect, feel uncomfortable, and make their beauty treatment even more worth it.

Lash Holder (Half-Moon)

The half-moon-shaped lash holder features a harmless curvature, which steadily speeds up the spread of a lash extension strip, reduces the time taken in application, and is a holy grail for all those suckers for lases who love a good splurge of volume.

Final Verdict

If you are stuck with super thin lashes that go almost invisible even with a humble coat of mascara, then eyelash extensions can be the best invention! These create a fuller effect and give more definition and dimension to your eyes. However, with prolonged usage, they can lose their structure and look dull.

This is where the need to curl your lashes arises and must be done with care. So go on, let your faux fringes create magic with that fluttery look. Let your curls reach that sky-scraping height with finesse!

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