Women's Makeup Throughout History
Women’s Makeup Throughout History: This Video Shows Beauty Trends Have Changed Drastically.

BuzzFeed’s video shows the evolution of beauty and makeup trends over the last 5,000 years and it is enlightening.

It’s always exciting to see all of the latest beauty trends at Fashion Month and to check out all of the new makeup products hitting the shelves. We tend to focus on the newest and the most modern beauty products and fads, but it can be fascinating to sometimes look back in history to see how hair and makeup trends and beauty standards have changed over time. There’s no need to get out your history books. BuzzFeed has created a new video that shows how beauty has evolved from before Christ to modern times.

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Cut has recently done a series of how makeup and hair trends have changed over the past 100 years for specific ethnicities, but BuzzFeed’s video takes us all the way back in time to Ancient Egypt. It runs through all of the popular beauty trends to modern times and showcases them on a variety of models. This is one history lesson you’re going to love. Take a look:

When we think of past beauty trends, the earliest we often think back to is the flapper era. It’s interesting and educational to see all of the countless trends that came before it in the 4-minute long video. For example, did you know the Ancient Greeks applied animal hairs between their eyebrows if they didn’t have a natural unibrow, or in the Elizabethan era, they shaved their hairlines to make their foreheads look larger? It’s fascinating to see how beauty trends and standards have changed and how the beauty ideal is constantly changing as history progresses.

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